Toogle Dark Mode

What is this button for?

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I click but seems nothing happen.

It’s used to toggle the design view dark mode …


How do I activate that? Is any tutorial? Or guide?

Have you missed the latest updates?

I understand the toggle component but how to apply the dark theme in the HTML?

I don’t understand what do you mean by this question? Have you checked the tutorial i sent you? Dark mode is a part of Bootstrap 5.3

You can find more info here as well:

I have never use the dark or light themes, As long as I read on tutorial and documentation you need to add


To the element. Is any button on the UI to add this??

Nothing is required to add in the code.
Follow the tutorial i posted please!!

I try to follow but component is not on the list,

You need to be running the latest Wappler 6 RC1.

I am running it. I am your best tester. The one with the oldest machine.

But I am on this version and dont appear.

Are you working on a Bootstrap 5 based website?


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Is the extension appearing in the installed extensions in Wappler?

Maybe because I am running on stable channel not on beta.

I am using the Dropzone component for project as long as I read on forums that component is not already for beta and have problems. That why I keep on stable channel.

Am I right?

Yes you need to have the beta extension channel enabled.

Does the Dropzone are ready for beta?