Dropzone error - W6 Beta 10

Wappler 6 Beta 10

Stable channel

This works normally.
I have a Dropzone, and when I clic to upload or drag images it show the thumbnails in table with 2 switch options and a tagify. This allow me to set images in specific sections. This works normally in stable channel.
The table have as repeated the “Files” array from the File Input, and for the image src “dataURL” from the array.
Even I have a Reset button at bottom that reset the File Input and works normally.

Beta channel

Its not working. This is the behaviour in beta channel.
When I clic to upload or drag images the thumbnails are not shown.

If I clic again to upload or drag new images the first ones show up in table and new ones not.
In this case I upload only one more image and the thumbnail is not showing.


The dropzone is indeed not yet compatible with the App Connect 2 beta.

It is coming up

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Would be great to have a beta version of it to test it in coming beta 11.

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@patrick Maybe a beta update of this component to test it :pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4:

I would like to keep testing W6 Beta 12, but unfortunately in my case this is a main feature that user needs.
I think that I will have to find an alternative way based on my needs to keep testing this W6 Beta, but at same time I dont want to waste time in something that maybe you already have a Beta to release very soon.

Maybe any beta update about this component?