Theme manager - how do I switch to my custom theme?

I have read the tutorial for the Theme Manager and done as it suggested and made some changes and upload design theme as custom theme.

So how do I now apply it to my app, my app original was using the bootstrapcdn and now I want it to pick up my custom theme, but can not see anywhere you do this?

What am I missing?

You just need to use the local bootstrap theme and not the cdn one. The local gets changed with the theme.

So just choose bootstrap 4 local as page framework and the theme will be applied.

HI @George yep I did that and saved, but it didn’t apply it is still showing the original cdn version. I can see the style sheet reference in the header too.

I closed all pages closed down Wappler and restarted, but no change its not picking up the theme defaults.

I can also see the local bootstrap files and opening it up can see the changes I made for the custom theme. But doesn’t seem to reference the local file.

You need to change to a local Bootstrap 4 include, not CDN in the frameworks menu:

AH HA! That is what I was missing thanks @Teodor much appreciated!

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What’s up guys?
Just a follow-up on this topic for clarification: In app structure, my theme is Bootstrap Local in the framework menu, and it is CDN in the framework menu of the project settings. Which one has authority and does it create any conflict? Shall I have both as Local so I can use the Theme Manager correctly?

It must be set to local on your page(s), i.e. app structure where you want to use the pages manager. Otherwise you will see no changes.

Understood. I’m set to Local in AC.
And I can leave the CDN framework setup in the project settings as is with no problem?