Thanks to Wappler

Thanks to Wappler I’ve been able to create so much more than in Dreamweaver in a fraction of time as well.

Build 100% with Wappler :slight_smile:


That’s a really nice website Peter!
Great example of what you can achieve with Wappler :slight_smile:

Can you share with us some description - what is the site about, what options it offers for the front end and in the CMS? :slight_smile:

Just a small suggestion - it appears the navigation js is missing from your pages, which causes the active link to not be highlighted in the navbar.
The navigation js file is located in: dmxAppConnect/dmxBootstrap4Navigation/dmxBootstrap4Navigation.js


I did wonder about that but it is there in the master-navigation from what I’ve just seen.
I’m not 100% I did the server include correctly, but I check into that over the next couple of days. I’m having a break from it as it been solid for the last 10 days. (Yes, only 10 days to build from scratch) which for me is impressive lol.

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So a bit about the site.
Firstly I’m not the best coder and I am self taught with everything to do with it, I must say Wappler is 100% easier, quicker and more stable than Dreamweaver.
Wappler Community is unreal, I feel like I have an expert I can reach out to when having issues. Special thanks to @Teodor @Hyperbytes @psweb

I wanted to get away form Magento, which the previous store was created with.
I also needed the POS system we use to populate the products and I also wanted it to be quick for the end user, of which Its 50% quicker than the previous magento site.

We also did not want a normal shopping cart as sometimes products are on back orders with suppliers and customers being customers expect everything to be there now.
So what we have put in place is more of a request cart and then we contact them regarding it.
Due to the nature of the business no payments are taken on line.

I feel its simple for the end user to use and is certainly quick enough.
We will continue to make further add-ons and changes (shopping cart being one of them)
The next thing for us will be adding our own booking system, instead of the one we currently use. (get ready for lots of questions guys)

In the back end we have the facility to see orders and print them, also add products or alter them manually (if a quick change is needed)
Also my staff can add consignment products and photos in real time as they come in and remove them once sold.

All the products are dynamic as are the product menus.
We experimented with the Routing and after a little bit off messing about it worked out really well.

We’ve still got a lot of work to do, but this has given us a solid base to work with, that we are in control of.
It will be interesting to see if we can improve our SEO with this site as I still need to beat a couple of companies to get to number 1 for what we do.

Once again thanks to the Team at Wappler. Awesome job guys, I’ve not used Dreamweaver since.


Great site Peter, very impressed!


and thanks to you for all your help as well. :slight_smile:
I’m going to go through your tutorial on the cart over the next few days and get that working better than what it is at the moment.

Brilliant site, @gunnery, very impressive indeed, especially if you say you were not the greatest coder before, you certainly took on quite a task, so well done. Nothing like pushing your expertise to the limit to see what happens.
Don’t worry we will be here to try assist on your booking system, I for one would rather not be stressing all day that you might send an Australian missile into my front door if i get the answer wrong, lol.

Good Job.


haha your safe on the missile front, but if your ever over in SA come down and have a shoot :slight_smile: and thanks for the help as well.

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Nice work Peter!


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Very good work gunnery!
I like the way you structured the content/sections and the look too, this is very professional.

I put it in my favorites so I may refer to for some later project.

Just a little observation, on PC screen, the top menu is positioned completely to the left, if it was centered I think it would look nicer or more natural and we would not have to go all the way left to click "Home, Shop, Second hand etc. well, this is from my point of view lol

By the way, can you give us a little more about you, what is your experience in web design/development?
Did you had previous experience with DMX extensions?
And what is the time you spent to achieve the site?

Looking great @gunnery ! Very professional! If guns weren’t forbidden here in Holland, I would definitely be a customer of you :slight_smile:

Maybe @ben can jump by and buy a few rifles :slight_smile:


I see this answered in the previous posts :slight_smile:

Very impressive piece of work there Peter. I find it especially interesting as I too maintain a Magento site and it can get complicated and cumbersome. To see what you have created in such a short time is mightily impressive and inspiring. Well done!

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cheers @George and also thanks for your help as well, sorry forgot to add you in the first post.
Wappler is a game changer !!

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Thanks @Webjack357 for the comments, the menu in the middle is something I am going to be looking at, I’ve noticed that as well.

Background on me, quite simple.
I have no formal training in web design or graphic design, I have just played about with it as an interest/hobby and also to kill down time (I was a truck driver). I have developed a few sites over the last couple of years including a website for my wife. (This was my first website that I launched, designed with Dreamweaver & DMX extensions) which took at that time around 3 weeks to build. I’m going to be redesigning hers over the next few months.

For me I had to come out of truck driving due to bad injury and I spend 2 years house bound and web design became a saviour to me keeping my mind occupied.
During that time the idea for the Gun shop came around (yipes I must have been on good pain killers, to come up with that one)

Yes, I have used DMX extensions for a few years and have learnt a lot from DMX but relied on them to help me create my ideas and like others I struggled with each version of Dreamweaver crashing and causing problems. I now have an abundance of screens I don’t use lol.

Since using Wappler my level of work and speed of work has gone through the roof. To the point where I’m now getting people asking me to build them websites, in the past few months we started another company creating websites.
For anyone who doubts the power of Wappler, my answer is simple…DON’T DOUBT IT
The guys have done exactly what they set out to do which is to create a visual way of web design, yes there is some learning to do around the more complicated things and yes its frustrating sometimes, but it is still far better than Dreamweaver in every way.
I only wish I could afford to put in to Wappler during the initial funding stage.

I dream big and complicated and then I’ll work out how it can be done.

I must add as well, I’m pretty humbled by the comments from people about this site.
The community is not only one of like minded people working together but also shows the strength and commitment from people, coupled with the support from the guys at Wappler this IS the future of web design without any doubt.


I pretty happy now I don’t have to deal with Magento. I’ll just keep improving this one until everything is perfect.

Thank you very much for sharing about you!

I am very sorry about your bad injury, but happy that you found some great alternative in web site design.

You have a very interesting course that in may ways, seem similar to mine as I too started some time ago with my personal web site with no knowledge in web design, except that when I was younger I followed a basic course in advertising and graphics (was all by hand no computer at the time)

Then a friend asked me ti build one for him, and after that I got a call from a local company who saw my work and asked me to build their site. After that, I started to get new calls from other companies.
But it have always been more of a hobby.

I don’t have experience in building databases or working with DMX extensions and this what actually keep me on the “break” with Wappler, usually when a client need some CMS or dynamic stuff I install scripts from PHPJabber or else.

Now seeing what people like you and others in this community can do with Wappler impress me and I hope I can one day build dynamic web sites like that only with Wappler.

I know I will have to get my hands durty but it must be very rewarding.

So far I I made only site with Wappler:
On the "Location page there is a script from phpjabbers to run the catalog that the owner can manage himself but one day I will try to build it with Wappler instead.

Well, continue your great work and keep sharing on here :slight_smile:


The databasing stuff is pretty simple once, you have done it a few times. There are great tutorials on the DMX site (I call it my bible) this way you can watch and learn.


Hi. Congrats on the new website! :clap: Looks like a lot of work & thought has been put.
And with your non-coding background, this is a great achievement. :+1:

Here are some of my observations that might help:

  1. Use embedded Google Maps script in footer instead of Google Maps control, which currently show an error.
  2. Footer is missing from many pages… specially shop pages.
  3. UI on some pages is breaking on mobile view. Check your website for responsive breakpoints. Also, I would suggest to use Google Analytics (or any other) to collect various kinds of data. You will be able to see if majority of users are from mobile or desktop, and invest your efforts accordingly.
  4. Another suggestion on responsiveness - try tweaking the CARD element in your list of items to appear correctly on all breakpoints. Avoid using fixed height/width if you are using any.
  5. Use overflow CSS to ellipse texts in items list which are getting cut abruptly on smaller screens.

P.S. Are you planning on Digital Gift Vouchers? It should not be much of a hassle to implement with Wappler. :slight_smile:

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