Team Size

How many people are on the Wappler team? The product seems excellent and does not have 100 employees like Webflow. No idea why they need so many. Development seems very active on Wappler.


There are three main people at Wappler. Not sure if they have more or not. But you are right, development is very active. Updates usually every week.


Yes, team is George, Teodor and Patrick.

DMX Zones, the company has been around since 2000, initially producing extensions for Dreamweaver so they have a long and proven track record, some staff have come and gone, the current team have been there since pretty much day 1 I believe…
P.S. @George , time you did something with :wink:

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Glad to hear. I remember George from my Dreamweaver days. Wappler is awesome. I had been using Webflow but their pricing is crazy for hosting since I have my own server for other clients I can’t nelieve they have 100 employees and Wappler has done so much with just 3. Great work.


@bgarrant I was also doing some tests with Webflow and reached quickly limits. Mostly not Design related, but technically and with flexibility of dynamic content. So I
was confronted early months (not year) with Wappler 1.5 which had lots of features but was limited in some design case, as some design features were not there, which were in Webflow. Then I posted here in that forum and decided to open a feature request. It was just mindblowing how fast these features were implemented and included in next Wappler versions.

After that I decided not to do solutions with Webflow and moved luckily to Wappler. Team may be small but is a perfect example how overloaded other companies are. Wappler and its team has disruptive ideas. Be prepared with an absolutely innovative, powerful Visual development tool! With the last Wappler Versions you quickly can create visual content with general Bootstrap Layout-, Login-, Pricing- Blocks or similar. You‘re able to do rapid working prototyping. And also it has an amazing Code Editor! Its also an All in one product! No need to install boring depencies or extensions manually. If you need to do native iOS/ Android or even Windows applications and more, Wappler is your friend!


hanks so much. I am also looking to move from Webflow to Wappler. I can hand code as well but find it much faster to use visual designer tools. The code is good and that is important part. Do you use the CMS portion of Wappler at all? That is the one part of Webflow I liked, but it was very limited.

What helped me in my decision to use Wappler for a new project was to check:

  1. My requirements I wanted
  2. Searched/Watched Wappler Videos/Tutorials
  3. Match requirements with possibilities I saw with the Videos/Tutorials/Forum
  4. Wrote down my questions and post them here before starting.

Webflow was venture seed funded into the multi-millions, last I saw they had well over a million users. So having a hundred staff members is not out of the question.

Generally smaller staffed teams are able to be more flexible and agile, there are countless examples of this in software - Affinity vs Adobe is a great example. Not being tied to corporate structure, board members and investors always helps fast mobility too.

Interesting, their founder says they have 38k customers in 2019:

Well also interesting …

In 2015 they said they had over 200,00 users

Another example currently on their own site actively says “Webflow is changing the way over 1 million designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and other creative professionals build for the web.”

Assumedly everyone fudges their numbers and includes free users, trial users, past users etc. @Teodor maybe its just a similar case the same as non-active members vs actual users of Wappler, you know the data I posted previously that staff removed and I got temporally banned for. :wink:

Regardless of companies misrepresenting numbers for marketing purposes - smaller teams often have the opportunity to be more quick to market as the remainder of my initial above comment stated.

You got silenced for a totally different reason. George pretty well explained you why and i am not going to discuss this here.

No further comment on the Webflow numbers?

roughly how many users is Wappler up to now? it seems to be growing fast.

What do you expect me to comment about this?

If they have 1 million users and 38k of them are paying this makes 3.8% of their users are paying users.

Yes that was already demonstrated in the first article above from 2015.


So I guess its similar to that.

Roughly 4800 users have downloaded and installed Wappler on their computers.

That is great. Hope it keeps growing. I know it is still a young product.

Ok then I will provide that same removed data as demonstration for @bgarrant.

3500 — But how is that deemed a qualified measurable user metric. Because interestingly most have never participated on the forum and are not paying customers. So the real number of actual Wappler ‘users’ appears fractional compared to the overall number.

If we look at all the “users”:

Out of the 3500+ it equates to

  • 339 Licensed users

  • 23 Ambassadors

  • A few Team members

  • Equaling 3000+ non paying + non participating ‘users’?

Thats like all the people who have :weight_lifting_man: health club memberships and never attend, or had a :books: library card and never went and checked out a book.

:clown_face: :wink:

Similar to Webflow as discussed above @bgarrant. Both companies are doing great things regardless of the actual % of paying user numbers, its always impressive to see small companies vs juggernauts.

There is no ‘CMS portion’ in Wappler. It has all the tools to build your own custom CMS.


I will recommend the whole world to use Wappler, there is no product with so much improvements like it. Thanks guys!