Team licenses


Can I have an account for my company and allow a general login by my members?

Building a catalog app

As per our terms and conditions:

Your subscription is personal to you, and you may not assign or transfer your subscription to any third party.


Ok. That seems to restrict the development to a single person. My business plan envisions dozens of developers and hundreds of people who may want to edit their own “project”, once it is complete.

Please enter a “customer request” for another member category to permit multiple team members.

Meanwhile, I’ll concentrate on building a prototype. I already have tons of source content ( discriptions, images, videos, audio files, and necessary editing tools).



I’m also curious to know how building with a team can work on Wappler. Payment per user (team member) is not a problem in our case.

Simultaneously working on 1 project would be even more ideal, similar to how Google Docs works. I’m not sure but it sounds really complex for the team to implement.

Also something with version control (git) would be interesting.


Currently we offer indeed a single user licenses and each user have to get its own.

We will be offering team license also in the very near future that will allows you to purchase multiple licenses for your whole team and then assign them for usage. You will be able to reassign and manage the team licenses as manager.


Hi George,
That’s what I wanted to hear.

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that sounds interesting! Also wondering if some collaboration would be possible, like checkin and checking out code. Maybe some GIT connectivity?