Tag highlight in code view


I know that Wappler was built for non-coding, but I do like to get into the code quite a bit. Any possibility of highlighting the end tag or beginning tag after clicking on the beginning or closing tag. Say for instance a div. You click on the beginning tag and the ending tag is highlighted - alot easier to see the whole tag
highlighted versus the underline currently in place. One of the smallest features I liked about dreamweaver code view.


Some months ago, highlighting in Wappler was much clearer - the whole block was highlighted. I thought this worked very well but was changed for some reason. I agree that highlighting opening/closing tags would be a big improvement over the current underlining.


I don’t remember it highlighting the whole block but to add to this feature request it would be nice to double click the opening tag and select the whole block.


Perhaps I’m thinking of the whole block being selected when a selection was made in App Structure. George explained the reason for this, but I still preferred it. Perhaps it could be an option in settings.

I like your double-click suggestion.