Selection behavior changed in 1.5.2

Hi everyone, I’m not sure if this was intentional or if I’m losing my mind. But before the update I could have sworn that when a Horizontal Form Group was selected you would see everything in that group selected in the code window. In other words, with the selection I have in the screenshot below, lines 601 through line 609 would have been highlighted when I selected the group (not just line 601). I hope this is a mistake because I liked it much better before…

But maybe I’m making a mistake - I’m still the new kid on the block…

Yes this is intentional- we are now just selecting the begin tag in code view. And you will see the closing tag highlighted.

This is a much better way to avoid accidental deletes, but also editing easier.

The highlighting colors are code theme depend btw.

So it’s all for the best :slight_smile:


OK, thanks for letting me know. To be honest, I don’t like it but me telling you that is like me telling Albert Einstein I don’t like his “theory of relativity”. :smiley:

Maybe it will force me to pay better attention…