Subtables not existing error

Wappler Version : 5.6.2
Operating System : OSX
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: PostgresQL
Hosting Type: localhost / docker

Added a new subtable successfully.

Added new fields to this subtable successfully.

Applied database changes.

Went back and changed one of the fields of this subtable to a different data type (decimal from text).

Received the following error:

Also not sure why there is an orange dot next to the subtable even though I applied the change.

This never used to be an issue, only since the last couple of updates. I reported funny behaviour with subtables earlier but no one responded. Here is my official bug report.


Please see below recording. I created new fields in a subtable “Worksheets”, pushed the changes, and they all disappeared. Refreshed schemas and nothing.

Anyone out there who is willing to respond?

You seem to have multiple problems. Could report one problem per topic, so we can track that specific problem.

Thanks George. I think it all relates to the same issue.

Please restart Wappler with logging, reproduce the problem and attach the debug log. See:

Ok will do thanks. That’s genius btw