Subscription Costs

Hi @michele,
Thanks for sharing your opinion with us!
Unfortunately we are not planning to offer standalone version of Wappler. The days when you (not personally you, but anybody out there) used to purchase the software on a CD are long gone.

We are living in 21st century, in the times of SAAS licensing and the SAAS model allows us to continue developing the product and keep it up to date in fast update cycles, following the Wappler Philosophy
Also unlike many other services/tools we do not keep you hooked paying monthly fees just to have your apps and websites alive :slight_smile: and you don't lose them when you cancel your subscription.

There will always be people who consider the pricing too high, but as @brad mentioned:

Value is measured by if the product does what you need it to do or not - not price.

So if the work you are doing does not justify purchasing a Wappler license, probably it's just not the right tool for you. Actually we do not expect that our pricing will fit everybody out there :slight_smile:

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