Stripe Integration Question

Are all the databases you need integrated with Stripe API or do they have to be built and try and get the API to work with them? I may have a project to do that will require online payments.

From what I remember from @Hyperbytes tutorials in there were some databases that needed to be created and used on the website that “talked” to the Stripe API.

Brad, it depends on what level of Stripe interaction that you want. In my case, I have used the Square payment system which is similar to Stripe.

My client did not want to use the full functionality of Square, he was only interested in getting his money. The end result: I have a payment system (only) and once payment has been approved, the website stores the relevant information - 3 tables, namely customers, orders, items - and sends the invoice/receipt.

Basically all I need (which was very easy to accomplish with the DMX Paypal extension) is to collect the buyers name and email address. I need it for theatre ticket online sales. I don’t need shipping as all tickets are held at the box office for the buyer. I don’t need taxes or anything either.

When tickets are purchased I need to be notified somehow. Email is fine.

So I need buyers to be able to choose a performance night, select how many tickets they want and pay online.

We will soon add more ready to go App Connect frontend components for Stripe based on their Stripe checkout and Stripe Elements.

So you will be able to do quick checkout without any complex backends.



Thanks George. It is good to know that something is planned. To me eCommerce is the one big thing Wappler is missing.

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Such as a repeat region in the body of an email to send the invoice. (sorry couldn’t resist)

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Any kind of an expected timeline on this?

Do you know if this will support SCA requirements? Most Stripe tutorials are based on the older charge methods which no longer comply with new European regulations.

I know that Stripe Checkout, Payment Intents API and Stripe Elements will all be compliant.

I’m just starting on Stripe integration for a site and spotted this thread. @George, can you give any rough timings on when the components for Stripe might be available? If they are in the works and coming out next Thursday then I’ll hold fire.

I doubt it will be any time soon, unfortunately. I have a project that is just waiting for some sort of cart/processing to be included in Wappler.

I love the weekly updates, there’s a proper sense of excitement to see what features have been added. But having some kind of roadmap, even if it doesn’t have accurate dates, would really help so projects can be planned. At the moment we just get hints every now and then but no details until a feature is actually released. They’re working on something for next week but it really could be anything.