Still having issues with calendar includes when saving

Wappler: v5.1.1
OS: MacOS M1
Server: PHP/MySQL

I’m afraid I’m still having the issue where the calendar includes are changing when I save the file which then breaks it on the site. This is as previous posted here: Calendar implementation in v5 beta

Here’s a short screencast showing what happens:

I’m having to keep a copy of the <head> code in a separate text file and replace it using VSCode every time I save which is somewhat painful!

So is the issue that line 62 disappears?
Can you post both working and mot working code here?

It seems to be just moving one line. I’ve attached two text files which will hopefully make it easier for you to see the changes. (1.5 KB)

Is there a chance this can be fixed in this week’s update?

I am not really able to recreate this.
What is your exact calendar config? What options, views etc. have you enabled in its settings?

Here are my settings:

Also, I’m showing it in a modal if that makes any difference.

Everything looks fine in my tests with the same config:

<dmx-calendar id="calendar1" views="dayGridMonth,timeGridWeek,timeGridDay" view="dayGridMonth" business-hours="true" selectable="true" editable="true" now-indicator="true" views-options:day-grid-day="{buttonText:'Day'}"></dmx-calendar>

Could it be because I have it in a modal? Can you try that?

No difference here - with or without modal.
Maybe you can test this on a blank page and start adding different components one by to see if that is what breaks your page, as i cannot really reproduce this locally.

Thanks @Teodor. Could it be because of all the other includes I have on there? There must be something which is causing this and it’s driving me crazy!

Fixed in Wappler 5.2.2

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Yessssss! This looks to have fixed it all. Yippee and huge thanks.

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