SPLIT view.... CODE view and DESIGN view

SPLIT view… CODE view and DESIGN view…

So that when one edits the code in CODE view one can see the changed in the DESIGN view and the other way around… well may I mention “Dreamweaver” … basically the “Basic same functions”

I agree. This is another of my favourite features of DW - it would be great if Wappler had this too. Unfortunately, I don’t think it works as well as it used to in DW. Pinegrow is an excellent example of this feature. Having a separate window would be a good alternative - eg so the code could be viewed on a separate monitor.

For now, it would make a big difference if when switching from design view to code you were in the same place. This works from code > design but not the other way round (perhaps this a bug).


You said it better :slight_smile:

This is something I would definitely love to see - surprised it wasn’t already included. I work almost exclusively in Split View in Dreamweaver - maybe they are saying it isn’t necessary given the better visual designing features of Wappler - but it would be very much appreciated as an option for those of us who are used to it and feel comforted being able to see both the code and the visual design.

Even if I’m only editing in code view (in DW), having design view displayed can be useful as a way to navigate your way around the code. In fact I think this is the most useful aspect of design view

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Thanks for the suggestions in this topic. We will discuss the possibility of adding such an option in Wappler.


I would like to see this as well. As mentioned, PineGrow has an excellent implementation of this, much better than Dreamweaver. You can even have multiple design views open simultaneously.

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Any chance this is still to come in the near future, it would honestly make life so so much easier, and not only that but it is one of the most used elements of your DMXZone tutorial videos for me, when watching one of your tutorials if I did not have your code view I would honestly be lost quite a bit of the time.

While waiting for the mob to come back from their holidays, it may be worthwhile having a look at https://prepros.io/ for live browser preview.

I tend to do most of my work in Code view and having the preview on my second screen helps a lot.

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Thanks so much @ben, will give that a try, I was thinking about doing something like this but figured the problem would be that I would have to save after every command to get the preview to update. This app sounds like it will not need that if I have read correctly, can you confirm my suspicions.

When using server side scripts, the document will have to be saved to update the Real Time preview. If the document has an HTML extension, the update is instantaneous.

Incidentally, regular Save’s have saved me from disastrous situations.

I use http://livereload.com. Works great and reloads in browser on any changes in the specified app folder.

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There are also a number of browser extensions which ‘auto refresh’ pages, eg:
(Related extensions I find very useful are domain switchers - where you can click a button to switch between your local version of a page and the live, online version.)

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Just wanted to inquire about this. Is this something in the works? An ETA? I think this is my most desired feature for Wappler. Well at least for now :grinning:

Well we are still evaluating if it is really necessary and meets our design vision.

What is your primary reason to go to code view?
And why do you need split view for that?

Maybe we should run a poll.

Well the reason I would like a split screen is I prefer to use code view, but when I make a change I want to see an immediate change in the design view without have to click back and forth. I know I can click back or save and run it in my browser. It is not a deal breaker, but would be a nice to have. Plus I guess I’m just used to it in Dreamweaver :blush: Would like to see a poll though and see what other people think. Maybe I can be persuaded!

I use code view because that’s what I’m used to. I like to see what’s “under the hood” I guess. But like having that visual feedback. Sorry, my earlier reply didn’t really answer your question well.

I thought it is a Dreamweaver habit :slight_smile:

Our design view is so good and visual that you really should be able to see instantly every change you make in any panel.

So eventually there will actually be no reason to code in code view - everything is done nicely for you! And if you need to check the html structure- there is the dom tree panel.

So you will be much more productive than coding by yourself!

I will try to adapt and give it some more time… @George, are you nocturnal? It must be middle of the night where you are!

And that is why we have separate code view, so you can have a look but design and be more productive and error free by using the visual tools and design view