SPA Tutorial Needed. Data Detail Views


We really need a tutorial on how this showcase was done using data detail in a SPA. I’m really stuck on this. Anyone done a data detail in a SPA?


Well Brad,
There is nothing too special about this showcase. Which part is not clear for you?

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How to show a detail page in a SPA. For example I have a list of press releases in a view and I want to show the full press release in a view. Assumingly with a URL Parameter.

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Well Brad, you just define your views as per
the tutorial and setup the url params as needed.
Could you explain which part exactly is not clear for you?


The routing tutorial is for having the detail page on a second page. I don’t want to have a second page, I’d like to do the entire site as a SPA. What is the differences in using it as a SPA?


Brad, single page apps are made of one main page and different views (different subpages) included in it.

What do you mean by:


Hi Brad,

I successfully created a site with data detail views.




Link inside Listview to call Detailview:


Is this what you are looking for?

That is how the code view looks like in the index file:

<div class="main col-md-6">
<dmx-serverconnect id="AktuellesAllgemein" url="../../../dmxConnect/api/Kundenportal/Content/aktuelles_allgemein.php" cache="sessionCache" ttl="3600"></dmx-serverconnect>
<div is="dmx-route" path="/" url="../../contentpages/portal/_aktuelles_uebersicht.php" id="AktuellesUebersicht" exact="true"></div>
<div is="dmx-route" id="AktuellesDetail" url="../../contentpages/portal/_aktuelles_detail.php" path="/aktuelles/:slug/:aid" exact="true"></div>
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I am aware that SPA is a single main page with different views. That is exactly what I am trying to accomplish. All my static pages and list pages work fine. Just can’t figure out how to get a detail view.

The routing tutorials are two pages. One for list and one for details.


Thanks Marcel, I’ll see if I can figure it out. :slight_smile:


What do you mean? Of course there are TWO views - one for list and one for details… That’s how single page apps work! You include both views in one main page.

I really cannot understand what exactly are you asking about.


I know it would be two views. I have a main page now with about 15 views and it all works great. What I can’t do is link from a list view to a detail view.

That’s ok, I am probably just not smart enough to do it so will probably give up on this project being a true SPA. i’ll go through the tutorial again. Thanks for your time.


Did you try out, how I solved it?

It is important to begin the link with ./ and not to use single quotes.


This link might help you too.


You have to put this inside the Detailview.


Thanks Marcel, I appreciate your time. I did see that thread already. George’s final comment on it even says they should update the docs. :wink:

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The links are generated automatically when using the routes picker :slight_smile:

It’s the same as passing an ID from one page to another. Just pass your ID to the details view, as explained in the topic Marcel has pointed to.