Socket refresh event issue on Beta channel

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Wappler Version : either 6 RC1 or 5.8.2 beta channel
Operating System : windows 11
Server Model: Node
Database Type: Maria DB
Hosting Type: Wappler local

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

I have a db query refreshed via sockets. On 5.8.2 this works fine and triggers an on success event.

Actual behavior

On the beta channel it triggers an on error event but returns the data from the query (I have a user ID returned to test which shows in the notification).

How to reproduce

Create a server connect action, set to live refresh with sockets, add an on error event and an on success event. Trigger a socket refresh. The on error event runs even though the refresh seems to be successful and returns data.

Because it’s a socket I can’t see any details in the network tab. I’ve tested with a very basic server connect workflow and get the same result. The server action is successful without socket refresh.

Possibly similar/linked issue as:

This is still an issue on RC 2 beta channel, it’s fine on stable.