Socket not working with mobile app

Wappler Version : 3.7.0
Operating System : Win 10 Pro
Server Model: NodeJS - Mobile app
Database Type: MariaDB
Hosting Type: Shared

Expected behavior should work with my mobile app

Actual behavior

I see some errors and it’s not working

How to reproduce

I created a web app to get the latests news from a RSS feed and it’s working with the new Live refresh feature (Socket).
I created a mobile app to get the same data and I get the data but the live refreshing feature is not working and I see an error in my Chrome Dev Console.

Here is a video of the issue:


I see your problem - in your mobile app the script include to should include your full website url infront.

So in your case:

<script src="/" defer=""></script>

should become:

<script src="" defer=""></script>

Will see if we can improve this

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Hey Stefi,
Actually my website was getting new posts from a few websites RSS Feeds automatically with Integromat.
Every time a new post was published, Integromat adds it in my datatabase, and my website simply show all the posts, that’s it :slight_smile:

The url i prefix to the include , gets cleared every time i save . i am using the latest wappler version.
i’m trying to implement live refresh with socket in my mobile app, the backend is built with node.js, when i add live refresh with socket to a server connect element, it doesn’t return a query , while searching i came across this solution , but the url i prefix to the include , gets cleared every time i save the page

I hit this as well as I make white label builds for the app and need dozens of variables set depending on the tenant.

You can use cordova hooks to insert the proper script. Have a look at the before_build and after_prepare hooks. You can use those to find/replace the script to get the proper domain inserted.

thanks for your response, i am using capacitor, i wonder if this solution will work with capacitor?

i have tried it, it didn’t work .

Have a look at my already posted Bug report.

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Fixed in Wappler 5.1.1

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