Slideshow not displayed on remote target

Do you think i haven’t tried that way… I did plenty of time. It didn’t work as well. Code is adding the slides but not showing the images on the preview or browser preview. which mean its not working…
see code below:

<section class="mt-1">
      <div class="container">
        <div class="row">
          <div class="col">
            <dmx-slideshow id="slideshow1">
              <dmx-slide id="slide2" url="images/slide/slide3.png"></dmx-slide>
              <dmx-slide id="slide1" url="images/slide/slide1.png"></dmx-slide>

There is something wrong with site paths then, and this is a whole different issue. Please provide a link to such a page where we can check this

So what is the issue there? The slideshow works perfectly.

Ohh…when i saved the file it did said uploaded success fully… but it didnt showed the slideshow. Now it shows, Because i did few time clicked on publish… Strange.

So if i do this way it will work perfectly…hmm I use FTP connection to upload site when saved… just to see on real server. What you recommend to do development?? is this way is good??

I don’t understand what you mean/what you are asking exactly.
Of course you need to upload all your files to the target you are previewing on.

Hi Teodor,

Please try to understand i do know that exactly how website works… I said that Wappler handles automaticaly when i save the document it upload all the changes to target server via FTP. but some cases its not working as i expected. So i have to click on publish button to make sure that all the file changes or code changes to upload to the server. Because i could not see any preview on wappler when i use target server. please look at the screen shot.

Wappler uploads your page on save - not other files, just the page you are working on. You need to make sure to upload/publish the images as well. You can just select the images folder in the file panel and click upload.