Need instructions on video on sketch design to wappler?
Also need tutorial on : backend for customer to manage adding their own product and blog if making for a client?
Do we have to build an external site like wordpress?
Do we need Docker? What is an alternative?

1: There is no Sketch to Wappler workflow.
2: It’s all covered in the documentation
3: What you do in Wappler has nothing to do with Wordpress
4: You do not need to use Docker. If you need a local environment you can also use WAMP or MAMP Pro

Ok let’s see if I can get some help.

  1. I know there isn’t one which is why I listed it as a feature request, I have about 3 apps UI I’m designing I’m hoping there’s a seamless integration I only found the sketch to html while looking here.
  2. I learn better with video tutorials so the documentation is hard for me to keep track, just me.
  3. Yes I’m aware I was speaking of the backend for admin, refer to 2.
  4. I’m not a developer so I have no idea what that whole sentence meant at all.
    Thanks for the fast response.

I learn better with video as well. My suggestion would be to go to Wappler Learning Resources

Here you will find links to not only the official docs but also user provided tutorials from myself, brian, and ben, as well as the official Wappler youtube channel with multiple video training sets.
Brian also does webinars where you can ask specific questions relative to what he is teaching at that point.

As you progress and have questions that are not already answered in the forums or training you can ask here, where many users are more than willing to give guidance on parts of your development.

The community is very active and very willing to assist, try explain your questions in detail when they arise, give screenshots, possible links to testing sites where we can see what you are doing, or give use case examples where you can.

I have also just done a video on setting up your hosting side without docker that may also help you get started

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Thank you for the reply. I’ve been binge watching the youtube since 2 months, I’ve left some comments on the channel but came here for quicker help.

Those 2 questions are really the only place I am stuck at.
Sketch to wappler
backend mgt

I did see a recent one posted today
I will take a look but feel free to post more videos regarding backend mgt, I’m a freelancer designing website and deploying using wappler so backend mgt is imp when delivering to clients so they can use it as many are not familiar with any tech.

thank you,

As far as I am aware sketch to Wappler is not even in the making at the moment as a priority, so that could be an issue if you have done much through it.

As far as backend management goes, it is not even nearly like a wordpress backend solution. Wordpress is great as far as backend management, yet as great as it is I personally would not use it as far as possible, only because it does not offer me enough power, customization, etc. That i want to have. That being said i can have a full wordpress backend running in 5 minutes, while if i had to try add everything wordpress offers in my own custom made backend through Wappler it would probably take me 5 weeks.

With Wappler if you learn how to interact with a database, make queries, insert data, delete data, update data, then you will have enough power to create pretty much anything you desire, while many wordpress people will probably convert to Wappler when they outgrow the very stringent platform.

I don’t mind it takes 5 weeks to make, I just need video resources that gives me clarity to do so.

Regarding sketch that’s very unfortunate I will see what I will decide eventually.

if not sketch then maybe adobe products integration?

Hi, not sure if this will help, but I used to be like you and use things like Sketch to show clients what the site would look like and how it would work.
However since I made the full swap over to Wappler all the work I do the client can view live as I make sections available to them, I just go from a blank page.
This is why I don’t use things like sketch anymore, it gives me more freedom with designing the site and making tweaks that the customer wants.
It’s also reduced my work time as I’m not designing in one thing and then re-creating it in another.
I’m not saying Wappler is simple and you can just dive in, there is a learning curve, but compared to things like Dreamweaver, Wappler is a walk in the park.
There are plenty of people here who you can alway reach out to and ask for help or even their thoughts about things, which makes it a lot easier.
I’m creating some of the best work I have ever done in a fraction of the time.
Other thing I have noticed is that compared to when I would use adobe products to create websites is now I am using Wappler my sites rank far better than before.

My advice for you would be to give it a go, put a dummy website together and play with Wappler its the best way of learning it.
I still have plenty of leaning to do, but it does not worry or hinder me in my work.

I’ve seen the tutorials, the websites seem fine, I still have yet to see something like the websites on dribbble which is my main priority when it comes to designing something great.

my issue with the app is when it comes to app similar to snapchat with loads of animations, screen pop ups, filters etc

The design is up to you, if you have the design abilities to make something look great, then it will look like that.

Wappler is not giving you something new as a design tool, but rather giving you easy GUI access to all of Bootstrap 4, Framework 7, and Font Awesome, which are the standard building blocks of most of the web.

I think I speak for a few people on here when I say that Wappler had an initial user base that was more the tech savvy crowd rather than the artistic / designer crowd, therefore many of the designs you see are from people like myself who are possibly better at the technical aspects of website creation and not exactly your top designers.

Wappler has an end goal of trying to bridge that gap, making the technical side of the development easier for people that are designers to achieve.

Wappler has many built in animation options directly accessible in the application, however we are talking more state animations, like on load, on scroll, etc.

If you wanted something in the realms of snapchat, which can make your face into a dog or a cat, and that is what you mean by animation, them I personally am not even nearly technically proficient enough to create something like that in Wappler or any other tool on the market for that matter. Snapchat would take a team of highly talented people to put something with that sort of facial recognition technology together. More like the technical minds of the people who made Wappler, not like the Wappler users.

You could create something like Instagram, or Facebook, from a functionality perspective, and design it to look however you like.

the design isn’t really up to me when I cannot design much (a basic website in dribbble) as I’m limited by what the platform provides.
I definitely agree this is more for tech savvy I wish it was mentioned then in the homepage vs being label as a visual editor to deployment software before investing time just to be let down, because that’s what I was thinking when binge watching the tutorials. Love the sales pitch but it’s not really bridging a gap when it’s mostly developer friendly, in 2020 a new software should be able to launch websites like dribbble if it’s talking about bridging design and developer, which is why people like sketch, figma, principle and these new apps. Which I’m not sure why you’re not making a sketch workflow a priority I guess you see it as a competition.
Facebook is mostly bunch of text so yes you can used this to build a facebook. Snapchat was just the extreme example used since it’s popular , but beside scroll animation and the likes, there isn’t much that can be done for the UI which you need a great UI in this day and age, specially for making an app and a website. I guess I’ll keep looking.

As I said in my post, Wappler uses existing frameworks, like Bootstrap and Framework and gives you a GUI that can be used to leverage those frameworks and the frameworks underlying technologies like JavaScript and jQuery, this is what would be considered the “Design” side of Wappler.
The backend side which has always been reserved to the tech savvy is also easier with a GUI that can leverage most of what was done in PHP and ASP.

This has been taken out of context, I never said Wappler was for the more tech savvy, i said that the initial user base which ported over to Wappler from the initial DMX Zone extensions were a more tech savvy crowd of people.
The only reason i even made mention of this was because you had mentioned earlier that the websites you have seen thus far were not really up to a “Design” par as dribble, and I was merely pointing out that most of the websites that are being showcased are generally created by users that came from a more tech savvy background.

Wappler ambassadors such as myself are not paid or have any financial gain in promoting Wappler, we are just a bunch of people that have been in the industry for many years and truly believe in the product, because we have grown with the industry.
While I personally started out in the printing industry and have used Applications like Freehand, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop for many years, and when i diversified over to web development I looked for a very long time for an application where I could click the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle anywhere on my workspace, and grab a pen tool to draw a shape, etc.
Sadly the closest application I found that simple was Adobe Muse which landed up being discontinued as a bit of a disaster.

Web technologies just have far more stringent parameters than you might be looking for, my best suggestion would be to post a design you would like to try create through Wappler and we could tell you very quickly if we feel that would even be remotely achievable.

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I did some research, I’ll use supernova studio for the code and use this to deploy it,
It’s nothing wrong with saying it’s for tech savvy, since you do have to know things like server, database etc most people unless already involve in tech don’t know these things. I don’t mind learning as long as I have the tools.

If I import the code here is this for both IOS and Android? like flutter?

(theme based websites)

I am very happy you found something that suits your particular needs, that’s really great news.
Unfortunately I know very little about that platform so cant really give much more advice but happy you found a solution.

It would be great to see some work on Wappler done by people more on the artistic side. I’ve often wondered if there are these people building in Wappler. Feel free to raise your hand if you are.

Newcomers need convincing and we could all surely benefit from the inspiration. This is not meant to offend anyone’s work as I’ve seen really nice work done in Wappler, it’s just not the type of visually flashy stuff I see on design first websites like Dribble.


I agree, it would honestly be great to have more flashy, designer centric sites as well as what we currently have added to our showcases.

I may get all hot and steamy over a well formulated search bar that can access the Mars rover with only 5 lines of code, but designers would probably prefer a non working search bar, which has been styled to perfection.