Server action not saving, local MySQL, xampp


I am stuck with my next problem, trying to build a simple login page. User data is in database (local MySQL, xampp).

Looks like Wappler can’t open /dmxConnect/api/actionLogin.php
400 Bad Request

I have just opened Wappler and my server action that I have created is gone. I have not deleted it and I am not sure what is happening. Probably Wappler can’t save the actionFile in - well - i guess my project folder. I am running Win10.

Project: C:\xdata - wappler\myProject
Target: C:\xampp\htdocs\myProject

This has happened to me as well. The cause in all of my instances was: not saving the action steps.

never mind. i have saved the steps, just had to highlight the file to see them.
but still good to know, that I should always save.
thank you.

the error is still present.

Of course you should highlight the file.

When do you see the error 400? Is it on page load?
Maybe you configured the login action wrongly. It must be executed on form submit (i.e. using server connect form) and not on load, using server connect component…

That’s already been explained in the docs: Login - Create a Working User Login Page

i have started from scratch using the docs tutorial.
login page works like a charme now, with users in database.

one missing step in the docs for me: i had to create the users database table myself, which i wasn’t aware of.

thank you all