Selected elements in Design View, on remote sites, no longer highlighted

In 1.5.0 when you select a coloumn or anything in design view it is no longer hilighted.

Hey Brad,
Which settings in Options > Design View are enabled?
Does the same happen if you select the same element in app structure or only in design view?

Everything is turned on in the preferences. I don’t see the grid is design view either.

What OS are you on exactly Brad? And your hardware config?

We are using speedy hardware rendering of the selection in ver 1.5 so it can be related.


Weird I have the same config without any problems with the selection highlighting and grid lines.

Is it ok for other Mac users? @psweb, @Marzio, @pixlapps?


The only thing that works is the Show Ruler. The other three options do not work.

Mine seems to be working alright

Fixed Container

Fluid Container and code to see if something is very different to your use case Brad

Could you restart with logging make some selections and attach the log file as described in:

Bug report filed with logging.......

@Brad, when you are ready to upgrade your machine please send me a price and keep me in mind, looks like an awesome machine with the four Thunderbolt 3 ports. I want her.

Brad I meant attaching the log files… not necessary creating a bug report post (586.6 KB)

With MacOS Mojave Beta di 10.14.1 (18B57c) tutto OK

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Is the page your are working on maybe from a remote site/remote target? Using HTTPS?

Can you open it again with local target? Or try some different local projects.

Hmmm, it appears to be at the site level. Also appears to be an issue with sites on one server. The two sites I have on our main server do not work. Unfortunately that is the server that 99% of my work is done on.

Works fine on my personal site or sample sites. Why would it not work on our server? It was working before the update.

Using Bootstrap local as the framework.

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Any reason why it is not working on a particular server? Even doesn’t work when set to local.

well it seems all related to the new web security context … and your remove sites aren’t being detected as secure :slight_smile: Maybe if you had an SSL (HTTPS) connection it should work directly.

Temporaly solution

if you start Wappler with an extra argument that includes your domain name it should work:


where is your remote site address.

for Mac OSX:

  1. Quit Wappler fully by choosing the tray icon and then Quit
  2. Start the Terminal and type:
  3. open -a "" --args --unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure=""

So this should work as a temporally solution, till we find a better solution.

If you are interested in the Secure Contexts, read:

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Temporary solution worked. Hope this can be fixed.

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