Security Provider Enforcer BUG

I am running PHP wappler server and I found two BUGs in Security Provider Enforcer.

When you apply the Security Provider Enforcer to de page you click in the If you are not user Go To. folder and you CANT select nothing from the explorer window. Is like disabled. UI bug.

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2nd. I add the folder manually, I dont know if that the format needed but works but the second mayor problem comes when I test this on wappler php server. I get this error.

But the file is there.

I test it on my production server. (Online) and works well. What can it be?

Any update here?

@Teodor any help on this? This is important for me because is the last step missing to go online.

Line is this


$app = new \lib\App();

	"steps": [
			"module": "auth",
			"action": "restrict",
			"options": {"loginUrl":"../","forbiddenUrl":"../","provider":"dreamhomes"}
, TRUE);

Seems like you have some system glitch with the file selection. What is your exact macOS version?

Also is your Wappler project saved on some external USB drive or so?

@George I am using OSX Catalina and yes all my projects are in an external hard drive.

Does this affect?

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Hello @George Is any advice for this ?? Is getting hard I can’t test locally and need to publish project on any change.

Little bump for this. Thanks @George @Teodor

Hello @George. any help on this?? Is getting me crazy .

Sorry which of the reported problems is so urgent, as you have reported multiple in a single topic.

Try to separate different issues in different topics in the future.

This is the urgent one:

The other I can type manually.

There is a missing variable :URL_project?

Screenshot from 2024-03-30 18-07-14

Yes, but is not related with. Is related that says missing file but the file for security enforcer is there.

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I’m not certain this is the case but maybe it is due to the Project being on an external drive? Theory is a conflict with the web server looking locally for a file but is referencing a location on the removable drive which does not exist…? I’ll shut up now as don’t want to cause further confusion for @George by interfering any further…

I have on externar drive does this affect? All my project are in externar hard Drive. But I move to the main hard drive and still having the problem.

I’m not sure but could be a factor? Like I said I’ll refrain now from further comment until George takes a look.

I create a new project from scratch and test this on the main hard drive and security enforcer seems to work.

Now I notice that all my project that are on the external hard drive has the same problem. Whats the best approach from here. Move all to the computer hard drive? is any fix I can do by my side? Maybe still using MAMP instead of wappler local server?

Whats the process for moving to the hard main hard drive without loosing routes and all the project settings? if this is the case?

It is better to have your project on your local hard drive indeed.

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@George Sorry to continue this issue but I find where the real problem is. Is not the External hard drive as you advice. When you add a route to the page, the error comes out. If you delete de Route from the routes panel it works fine. I dont know why but take a look to the video. I have test a lot…

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This only happen on Wappler server. On the production server work all fine. Now any advice you can provide?