Search Data Bindings/Available Actions


If you pages have a lot of elements on the page like mine do, between forms/tables/buttons/alerts/notifications and so on… you soon have a lot of scrolling and clicking to drill down to the element you require in the Data Bindings/Available Actions select.

I would like to see a Data Bindings/Available Actions search to speed up the whole process.

This is my example.

Before search is applied.

After I search for “Action scheduler”


How many votes are needed for something to be reviewed as an option?

We review every request here, Ray :slight_smile:
Usually more votes means higher priority.

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As @Teodor mentioned - ‘usually more votes means higher priority’ - but certainly not always. I made a request some time ago which was implemented almost before anyone had a chance to vote for it - on the same day (it had been given 3 votes by then).

Presumably it also depends on how easy something is to implement and if the UI etc. is already in place to incorporate such a feauture. There are panels with search options built in, which work exactly as in your illustration (eg the Query Params panel), so perhaps it wouldn’t be so difficult to implement, and might not need so many votes. (But of course I don’t really know, and it might very difficult to implement and require lots of votes before serious consideration).

I think it’s a very good suggestion and would save a lot of time.

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It’s actually more related to how brilliant the idea is :grinning:
Sometimes users here have some really great ideas we never thought of.

But yes, usually the priority we set on these requests depends on the votes :slight_smile: