Saving files doesn't work sometimes

Sometimes the save short-key doesn’t work. The blue circle in the tab doesn’t go away and nothing happens in the terminal. I have to restart Wappler and then saving works again. Happens once in a while. Works when saving manually via the 3 dots on right hand corner.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Yep, I can confirm this. It happened quite a few months ago but only returned in the last week or so. It’s not just the shortcut, the menu item doesn’t work either, or if you close the file and click to save the changes, it doesn’t. I have to go to code view, copy everything to the clipboard, restart Wappler, open the file, paste the content and then save.

Does it matter which part of Wappler has focus on that moment, like does it only happen when in design view or in the code editor. Are other shortcuts also affected or only the save?

Wappler 3.7.6

I have experienced the same issue. Neither the shortcut Cmd-S nor Save from the menu option work. The only way to fix this issue is by closing and restarting Wappler.

This is because you have an old version, the problem was fixed in the recent versions of Wappler.

I generally update to the latest version within minutes of it being released and this issue started happening again around version 3.7.6 I think. It’s actually been fine this last week but will keep an eye on it.

I always work in split view and am on a Mac. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

I have always updated to the latest version straightaway. But I can’t update to the latest v3.7.8 as I’m also having MSSQL DB Connection Timeout issues (posted with bug report in a separate support ticket), which I understand is required to work correctly for the SA to work.

Still the same issue but its incredibly intermittent. Sometimes CNTRL S doesn’t work (the green notification doesn’t show), other times the document is saved but then you go to close it and it asks you to save but it doesn’t work either. Have to close the document and the changes to the document are lost.

That’s the key point. I’ve not been able to establish why it does it when it does it.

This seems to cause it occasionally. Open a document, ie test.html and save it as testBackup.html. Close the document and open the test.html document again. Make a few changes and try to save it. This is a scenario I kind of recall… Not saying it is the only culprit but it is one of them.

We also still see the backward text. Working on the source then go back to the design and type… That’s another issue though and already documented quite well I believe.

Thanks for the scenario where it goes wrong. Wasn’t able to reproduce exactly the same but found out there where some problems that could be related. When you do a save as and then open the previous document it seems to have a conflict, the renamed document has still some reference to the old name and then some unexpected conflicts happen. I had a case that the other document became empty or that it had the wrong content. I was able to fix this and will put this topic also to fixed-in-next-release since I believe that it is related and should fix the save problem.

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Also noticed when you do ‘Save As’ the document title remains the same as the original document until closed down and opened again. Not sure if that helps or is of use?

Thanks @patrick

I wasn’t able to reproduce that, so perhaps it is fixed with the upcoming update. I think the update will fix several problems with saving documents, so lets wait and see which issues remain after the update.


That sounds very positive. One thing that might be where it gave me problems is opening a file after duplicating it from another file. eg. if I have file1.php and duplicate it, rename it to file2.php and then edit it, that could be when I’m unable to save it. This seems to fit with your theory so I’m hopeful this week’s update will sort it.

This should be improved now in 3.8.0

Sorry to say but I just updated to the latest version and I am still experiencing this.

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