'Save' in Remote target is also 'Upload'

I am always confused when I save the page in the Remote Target option, then the page is automatically Uploaded. So when you forget to switch from Remote to Local and you save the page it is also changed on the Remote target: Save = Upload. :scream:

I prefer that ‘Save’ should always be ‘Save locally’ and not included ‘Upload’.
Is this wrong thinking ?


@vdweyer I realized that also… last time same happened, clicked on save and then Remote was enabled… luckily ftp connection had errors, so it wasnt storing it live :flushed:

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Files are getting uploaded to the selected target on save.
If you work on a local target no file will be uploaded to any of the other targets you defined. When you are done working on the local target you can just switch to the remote/live and hit the publish button.

Our goal is to move to more centralized publishing indeed and make the process more smooth. See:

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Of course, I think we all work on a local source and we upload after checking.
But thats the point: if we FORGET switching back to local and get on with the work it is quicly done. Once we save it is uploaded.
In DW these were totally separated actions: saving and uploading. And that’s what I am used to.
But it seems this is my problem only. :grinning:

As you can see from the thread George linked to, it’s not just your problem.

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Sincerely speaking I love this feature…

To be honest I generally never use local and only ever use remote connections. I personally love the way Wappler works with the targets.


I would prefer a clearer distinction between saving and uploading, but generally it works fine once you get used to it. Once or twice I’ve accidentally uploaded when I thought I was just saving locally - ie I haven’t checked the target first. If you’re only working on one target, then it’s not going to be an issue anyway.

One change I think was unfortunate and potentially confusing was the mixing of local and remote targets - eg displaying local images when switching to the remote target. Previouisly Wappler would indicate missing assets on the remote target; now you can’t tell they’re missing without loading the page in a browser. Perhaps I don’t understand why this change was made, but I can’t see any advantage.

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We have already made that much smarter in the latest updates. So images are now remotely fetched. If they do not exist remotely a local version is searched. If that also do not exists then you will see them in the errors list.

I appreciate it’s smart, but I still think it’s confusing.

Let’s say I’m looking at a page with an image - the image exists locally and on the remote server and appears correctly with either target selected. If I then delete the remote image, nothing changes: both local and remote targets show the image and no warning appears. Only when I view the page in a browser do I realise there is a problem. To give a more serious example: I could delete the whole Bootstrap folder on the remote server and everything would appear fine in Wappler, with no warnings.

Previously Wappler gave a warning of such issues, which was very useful - now it doesn’t. I would prefer the remote target to show what is actually there (or isn’t) and for a helpful warning to explain the problem (ie the missing filename). This worked really well before.

I don’t understand why the change was made, but it’s not a major issue.

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In remote mode all the actions Save-Upload-Publish are pointed to the remote target. Why not keeping Save only pointed to the local target ?

If this is not possible my humble request is to open your project ALWAYS in local mode so mistakes are avoided.

But there are many people like me, that only ever use remote targets and never use local ones, even though my remote target is still on a testing/development server and not the true live version.

I think Wappler is a major improvement from Dreamweaver in the publishing side, where sometimes I would open an old Dreamweaver project and when I opened a perfectly working file that was already a year old to make a small text alteration, suddenly half the code would just start changing and a popup would appear asking me to update 20 components to their latest version, which used to freak me out completely.

Anyway, just my thoughts, but I have never really found any issue with the way the Wappler save / publishing functionality works.

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@vdweyer it’s up to you to select your target.

It’s not a good idea to have the project opening in local mode, as there are many users who work on a remote test server and it’s not good to reset this every time.

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How many ? Let us vote for it ?

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To be honest I do not really understand, you get an option to select what target you want to use, and whatever you choose it uploads to, choose local and your remote files are untouched.

Sorry but maybe I am missing something, because I do not work locally, and am not really seeing the problem.

Maybe a pop up should appear when you are selected on your remote target, and on save the pop up says, Warning, you are selected on your remote target. With a checkbox that says never show this warning again, that way for people developing on remote targets they can just choose to never see it, and for people developing on local targets they can keep the warning up, so if they forget to change their target they are reminded each time before the save happens.
Surely that will cover every eventuality.

But how do we know which of the remote targets are the "live" ones? For example you may have 4 different testing remote targets. If you have a remote target in your local network, which is your testing server - is it really a remote target?

As i said - it's up to you to decide which target to select and use.

It's the same as if you are using an ftp software and you connect to a wrong server from the dropdown. Is this the ftp software issue?

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Makes sense, it's like if I select reverse instead of first gear on my car and hit the car behind me, I made the wrong choice and that was the result. I doubt I would do it over and over again, LOL, well at least, I hope not.