Confusion caused by new feature - using local assets combined with remote target

The main idea behind this is they we are moving towards to more centralized final publishing action.

This is because most of the web developers have a local copy of the site that eventually get published to the live site.

Working directly with the live site is not always desirable as you might want to check if it is all working before pushing it to the live site.

In the previous workflow - you are breaking directly the live site.

I do understand that with the error reporting there were many advantages. We are looking of ways to integrate that also in the new workflow.

Ideally we want to have a local dev / live site targets - and you do everything in the local/test target - and finally just select the live target and hit the publish button to publish the ready site live.

This will give us many advantages as also post processing your site before publishing. As your live site might not be a copy of your dev environment - but a very minified and compiled version of it.

But still way have a way to go to achieve this like database connections per target and a whole new publishing workflow.