Routing with dynamic parameters - Am i missing something obvious?

Believe it or not I have yet to experiment with routing and dynamic values in Wappler
It’s quite an brilliant addition as coding manually in your .htaccess file was and remains a pain in the backside.

BUT i am clearly missing something in the logic

I start with a typical bootstrap table with Anchor buttons

The links are intiially:


This calls contact.php

with query


So everything OK up till this point

However want the link to be in the format /contact/3/

Now I add routing


Generate and Upload the routes giving:


and change the link in app connect

This adds


I take out the unwanted single quotes (still a bug report in on that one I believe)


The link works correctly


However the quuery does not return any data

I am sure I am missing something simple, anyone spot what it is?

Could the issue be similar to this?

The routing feature works very well generally, but there are one or two issues I haven’t resolved or understood yet.

Thanks Tom.

Following what i think is suggested in the post you linked,

In contact.php (the routed to page) I change




If so, didn’t fix it.

Finally found then issue,

switched connection back to


Then manually added ./ to the start of the link


Glad you found the problem. I was just looking at a site where I first tried out the routing feature. I didn’t use ‘params’ either - but nor did I start links with ‘./’. Still a few mysteries to uncover with routing.