Replacement for Fireworks, vector editor

As I did not renew my Adobe license this year I am looking for a replacer for Fireworks in Windows. I used this prgram for making vector and bitmap graphics with text and shadoweffects. It was also easy to create nice buttons with different states for mouse-over-effects.
I tried GIMP but this cannot be compared with the potential and ease of use of Fireworks.
Anyone off this forum can help me ?


Not exactly an answer to your question, but did you use Fireworks before the annual licensing was introduced? I also ended my Adobe subscription recently and have reverted to an older version of Fireworks - CS5.1 (I think it only got as far as CS6). If you don’t have the installer, you might be able to download it still.

In any case, this is probably not a permanent solution, though I still use the odd Windows program which is over 20 years old.

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Well actually we plan to add a full blown SVG editor in Wappler!

Because SVG are getting more and more integrated with HTML and it is a great vector format and a must in today’s responsive, scalable designs, we thing it is a must to have it integrated.

What do you think @wappler_ambassadors ?


That would be $%$&$*ing amazing! :slight_smile:


This would be a nice feature, but presumably not often suitable for JPEG images.

(I hope a few other ‘must haves’ are higher on the list of priorities.)

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I use svg as everywhere I can. Would definitely be good

Sketchapp also has svg export

JPEG images are raster images, you cannot really “export” them as SVG.
SVGs are really useful for logos, icons, shapes etc. which are scalable and can be reused in different sizes or colors without losing quality, which is not the case for raster images.

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it is a long term plan, so it might take a few months to implement. We have indeed enough higher priority features for now :slight_smile:


Sounds great to me!

Yes SVG editor is for vectors only, but those can be mixed with images. And also with the modern HTML5 and CSS these days you can have the content flow around various shapes:

and with those fancy CSS image filters these days we might add even some bitmap image processing :slight_smile:

But there are programs which convert JPEGs to SVG - sometimes very successfully, depending on the image.

A nice feature would be to control the SVG dynamically - eg so features such as the colour and shape could be determined by values in a database. Given SVG is just XML, I imagine this would be possible, at least in theory.

On your proposal I have installed a 30day trial version 5.5 and now looking for a valid serial number. :sunglasses:

You should still be able to log onto your account - even though you no longer subscribe - and view your orders - and hopefully retrieve your serial number.

will be rarely used by most users.
i don’t feel its something that should be in wappler. as it belong to a different set of tools

you guys have way more in your plate right now that will take months to implement and fix.

@mrbdrm it will surely be useful and used by lots of people. Also:

we use inkscape for creating SVG. then compress the SVG from ( before using it on a web project.

also, there are SVG sanitisation issues ( which must be addressed as well.

am not so sure about how a built in SVG editor will help in the web design process!
the implementation would have to be very tight with HTML functions.
being a visual IDE, i think Wappler might be greatly benefited by it!

also, there are animated SVGs - when you’re doing it, please add support for animations in SVG!

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That’s a very good idea.

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For vector graphics I use Affinity Designer - very powerful and also inexpensive. They have a version for MAC and Windows. As a hobby I have been messing vector graphics since the early 80s and right now no competition at that price point. Every few months they have a 25% off sale (usually with new product announcements).

First photo is my home automation panel done with designer, second photo is what a pro can do with it.


If you are on a Windows system I would suggest to try Coreldraw Graphics Suite