Repeats in Flows not showing output fields

I’ve been trying to create a flow which copied data returned from a server connect into the data store but it’s never showing me the output fields. This appears to be a known bug for some time:

I’ve managed to get it working by manually coding the variables.

My workflow was to have a server connect, then add an action to the success event which contains a flow containing a repeat where the expression is the data from the server connect. Then in that repeat I have a data flow action to insert a record using data from that repeat. This is where it falls down because the output fields is always empty.

Can you show some screenshots to make the things a bit more clear please?

No problem.

This is the flow used on the server connection success event:

This shows that flow:

And this is the same flow showing the empty list of Output Fields:

Just to add in case it’s relevant. I’m using a Mac (M1) and this particular project is PHP. I’ve not tried it on a nodejs project.

Is this an inline flow or a page flow?

It’s an inline flow but I did also try a page flow and that had the same issue.