Copy Database Table Record to Data Store

I’ve seen i nice topic explaining how to “copy data from data Store into database”.

But how to do the opposite ?

Well just use the data store insert action and pick the values from your server connect fetched record.

It doesn’t really matter where the data come from…

So i tried this:
When my page is ready, i run a flow which should iterate the result of my SC which get user’s preferences from a database.

But when i want top select output field, list is empty

Please use the server connect component in the flow instead.

Ok but then ? How do i retreive sc1 records ? cannot select it in expression …

And also, not possible to pass parameters to the server connect…

Why can’t you select it in expression? Just use the data picker…

Ok so this is how i proceed:

  1. new flow
  2. 1st staep a flow Server connect

  3. i set the parameters (sorry but it was not obvious for me that i had to slide dow to find them)
  4. I add a repeat loop
  5. At this stage, when i want to select an expression, i can’t find any reference to sc1.
    If i select reference to, output fileds stay definitly empty.

Wappler is a very good tool (maybe the best nocode) but has a big lack of documentation dealing with new features. A liitle bit too tricky for a no-code tool !

Obviously I don’t know exactly what the flow needs to accomplish, but could it be that a standard query could be used, and the search results (preference data) cached to prevent unneccessary queries being run - ie without using a flow at all?

Hi @TomD. Not shure i understand all you mean but yes i need to upload (cache) users preferences and then update my page considering user prefs.
My first idea was to upload user prefs in a keyed array. it was working perfectly except that i was not able to find how to update the values in the keyed array when the users change his settings. Impossible to find the rigth syntax. Somehow suggested me to use data store but i met some other pb’s…and that’s the subject of this post.

If you mean this is how you were managing the data on the page, this sounds like a good approach - particularly as it’s working as you want. I don’t think the way you update the values has to be related to the way you’re retrieving them from a database and displaying them on the page. You could just update the user settings in the usual way - using an update statement/server connect action etc.

My problem is quite simple : I can read the value of a keyed array like this userPrefs_prefs_array.value.BOOKS_DF

But can can i set the value of this array member ?
userPrefs_prefs_array.value.BOOKS_DF=1 does not work
userPrefs_prefs_array.value.BOOKS_DF.setvalue(1) does not work

have an idea ?