Release Wappler open source (frameworks and builder)

Sorry @JonL but we don’t thinking open sourcing Wappler will bring any advantage to the product or its community.

Our vision is to bring the best tool for the right job and keep on improving it as our users demand to suit their work and improve their productivity.

Our users trust us to do so, so they don’t have to build such tools by them self, but just profit from the Wappler’s great powers and time saving.

And our The Wappler's philosophy is still fully in place.

Other companies open source their products just to have them as a “free plan” in disguise, so users can try the products fully on they own without any support obligations as well, so it is a bit like the wild west. Or they offer free plans and semi open source just for additional marketing and vendor lock-in (like Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe). Free plans aren’t feasible any more and are already on the way our as you can see from - there is no such thing as free lunch :slight_smile:

We do not want to offer limited tools and free plans, we just want to give the best for very reasonable price, all community driven. Our strongest part is our community and we just build Wappler to meet the community wishes.

For people who want contribute to Wappler, we already have great extensibility in place, so custom components and workflows can be easily build and contributed to the community.

So I think we are still on the right track :slight_smile:

PS. we do have our own AI plans already in advanced progress :slight_smile: