Redis cache confusion

I’m getting really lost with Redis and caches in general I’ve looked at a few docs and post but can’t work out some things.

  1. how do you refresh/reset the Redis cache for pages (without hard refresh if possible although hard refresh also isn’t working)

  2. server connections again how do I refresh them with Redis is this possible?

This tutorial should explain it all:

We should move it the the official docs @Teodor

This is actually what I was following which works great to get everything into caches but lets say after cacheing I use a form to add a new item to a database how could I then refresh the cache, same with after caching lets say I add a new element to the page how can I refresh it here too?

I tried both append and persistent options am I using this incorrectly maybe?

It’s not implemented in the UI but if you are ok with coding you could create very quickly a custom module for that.

Probably not something I’d be able to do I only know limited code would I be able to set a variable of 0 and use that as a dynamic bind in the settings of Redis on the action if I enter the bind manually?

Don’t have a timeframe but as I’m starting to implement redis in some of my projects I will probably have to create some custom modules for it(including cache clearing).

On the other side I remember @george said something about integrating redis further so it depends how far along the roadmap that is(if it is).

refreshing cache should work just as refreshing the server connect action for sockets:

You can use the same refresh server action if I’m not mistaken @patrick

We have the Redis standard actions as Server Connect actions but a more higher level integration might be needed.

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This has refreshed the data, doesn’t the live socket refresh do all clients on that page though? I know direct message can do one client but is there a way so only the user who triggers the action gets the update? or am I misunderstanding sockets not really tried them much yet

This doesn’t seem to do what im needing it does all clients and then next user to load the page gets the previous users cache

I was hoping I could when a database is edited with specific ids reset caches so that anyone who had viewed for example page 5 would have to renown load the cache but as page 77 had no update the cache would remain for that page