Recommendation for a good Bootstrap Admin Theme


I’m looking for good Bootstrap 4 Admin Themes which works good with Wappler.

Any recommendations?

I used to use wrapbootstrap themes but had difficulties to work with them in Wappler.

Does someone have some experience with the themes from ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


From previous experience Bootstrap themes don’t tend to play well with Wappler. I think this is down to Wappler not always understanding which classes and elements have been used by the original developer.

I know it’s more time consuming but I always tend to re-make a template in Wappler then I have full control over everything in the GUI.

This would be a nice feature though to allow us to import re-usable templates.


We’ve used this theme (pro version) with Wappler for a pretty large project. Integrating it with Wappler did have some quirks but nothing that could not be worked out.


If you’re considering a template, it might be useful to have a quick look at the custom stylesheet(s) used. If it’s very large, it’s more likely it will be more trouble than it’s worth incorporating it into Wappler (IMO).

There was a discussion about this here. It’s only the start of an admin them, but I found this useful (I mentioned it in the discussion).


I’ve used several bootstrap templates in Wappler and it’s worked perfectly! absolutely worth doing in my opinion. The one mentioned above is awesome. You just need to copy the structure of the files used in the template. For example I believe in that template css is in the assets folder, so that’s how you’ll have to set up your project when you copy the files over.

The best part about adding templates is all the css and js that you can now use that Wappler doesn’t have (for non coders) you can easily trigger these using the class section.


Thanks a lot for your replies. I will try out some of your tips.

It would be great if we had a list of available themes which are working with Wappler Design Panel without having to adjust the styles.css of the theme.

I’ve used most of the free templates and I’ve never had to adjust anything other than the file structure.