Real Estate Swiper



The translation suggestion appears on my Windows 10 computer. I’ve just tested - it seems to appear to appear on Chrome, but not on Edge or Firefox.


I’ve added the tag mentioned above - not sure if this will stop translation prompt, but you can check.


I’m afraid that didn’t make any difference.

I think adding <html lang="en"> would fix it.


I’ve added the lang attribute, please try again.


I think that’s fixed it (I checked on Windows 10 and Mac).


Great, but probably that will affect other users, which browsers are no set to English :slight_smile:
Anyway - the idea of the showcase is to see the component in action. There is not much we can do about how google chrome translation component works :slight_smile:


Given the page is in English (apart from the Latin text), I would have thought the browser behaviour would be correct - if it is going to suggest translation when it thinks appropriate. Anyway, not a big issue as you say.

I like the new demo (great pictures too).


My images in the gallery are 300px wide, non-responsive. I want to show them in a col-12 swiper with the following properties:

is=“dmx-swiper” id=“galerij” loop=“true” keyboard=“true” effect=“coverflow” pagination=“bullets” centered-slides=“true” slides-per-view=“auto” grab-cursor=“true” space-between=“1”

So I expect to see responsive to the viewport: phone/landscape - 1 image, tablet - 2 images, tablet - 3 images, etc.
What I get is for all the viewportsizes: 1 image, not centered.
I don’t find what i do wrong.


Please provide a link to your page where we can check this.




Please add this to your css:

.swiper-slide {
width: auto;


Thank you. This works fine !

And with a full width container you can create screenwide slideshow banner !


That’s right :slight_smile: Looks really nice in full-width, with auto play on and loop :slight_smile:


Next : trying to put a static title in the center of the swiper.

Step1: Assigning a z-index 1 to the swiper.
Step2: Adding a title in the column above the swiper, packing into a div with a negative bottom margin and applying z-index 2

But the title is covered by the swiper: disillusionment :disappointed_relieved:

Probably an issue with positioning ?


I can’t tell what you are doing wrong unless i see tour page running.
Probably you want to set the title position to absolute and position it over the swiper.


As I looked up the swiper is in a relative postion with z-index:1
.swiper-container{margin:0 auto;position:relative;overflow:hidden;list-style:none;padding:0;z-index:1}

It should work with the title in absolute position and z-index:10.
When I toggle App Connect mode inactive I can read the title, but it disappears when App Connect Mode is active.


Should the title be covering the whole slider or appear in some slide only?
I see error in your css as well: top: 5; which must be top: 5px;


It should cover the whole slide and stay during the slider.


Just move the H1 outside the swiper then …


ok, it’s simple as that. I should have think about that :unamused:

thanks for your help.