Project settings save button problem

If I make a change to a connection in the Project Settings panel, the Save button doesn’t work - so I can’t save any changes. It responds if I hover the mouse pointer over it, as if it’s going to work, but nothing happens.

I haven’t needed to make any changes recently, but I think it’s been like this since the last update and perhaps before. It’s no problem to edit the JSON file directly for the time being.

It may be related a small issue with the Select button in the Selected Actions panel. This button sometimes doesn’t work (ie it can’t be clicked). In most cases this can be resolved by clicking on an action and then trying again. Occasionally, it’s necessary to restart Wappler; it always works after a restart.

Hello Tom,
Can you provide a screenshot of which button are you referring to? Also - what json file do you mention?

Hi Teodor,

This button:

I’ve just tried with some other sites - and it does work on some.

The JSON file is the one in the .Wappler folder, in the project folder.

What happens when you click the button, and which settings are not saved? I just tested this.

Nothing happens. The cancel button works. And both buttons work in several other sites. There are two I’ve found where the button does nothing. I tried changing some settings but it didn’t make any difference.

So the modal with the settings isn’t closing? OR is it closing but not saving?

It won’t close (so it’s not saving either).

Tom, could you restart Wappler with logging and send us the log file after you reproduce the problem?
As described in:

Sent in private email.

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if it works on some sites and not on others then maybe it is a permissions problem with the hidden .wappler folder or the project.json file inside.
Maybe check for permission differences on a working vs non working site?

This issue is now fixed in 1.7.0

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