Problem pasting text into Wappler

When pasting text into Wappler, extra attributes appear - eg ‘wappler-command’ and ‘wappler-empty’:


Also, the resulting text typically has errors as above, with unpaired tags.

In this example, I copied two paragraphs from a text editor, with a blank line separating them.

I imagine this is someting to do with the internal workings of Wappler. The issue is probably related to something I mentioned recently - where similar attributes appear when inserting blocks. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but at least it’s a slight inconvenience.

Are you pasting the text in code view?
Also where do you copy it from?

Hi Teodor,
In the example I gave, I was pasting into a new paragraph in design view, but there are other issues when pasting into code view.

Eg I’ve just copied your previous replay, and then pasted it into a text editor (I’m not sure if it makes any difference in this case, but I often do this when copying from Word or a web page for example, to avoid other tags etc. being carried across).

Pasting it into design view results in:

Pasting it into code view:

… selecting the error icon:

The paragraph formatting is not preserved, but there are in fact no errors, despite the error message appearing. Closing and reopening the file fixes the erroneous error message.

Fixed in Wappler 5.1.4

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