Possible to buy components individually?

Hi. The title is the question I’d like to ask please, but if you have a minute here’s a bit of background to it…

I’ve tried the free version of Wappler and although I like it, it’s too restricted to be of practical use in creating new websites and apps. I’m very willing to pay for software within my budget but the subscription model is a killer for me.

I cancelled my subscription to Adobe CC over a year ago because of the astronomical costs and found very-almost equally good replacement software for everything at a one-off cost (like in the old days!). The only software I can’t find a replacement for is Dreamweaver. (Been using that since v2) I’ve got used to designing and coding sites and apps in Sublime and now Visual Studio Code.

Now I’ve stumbled across Wappler we’re back to the subscription issue. Because it’s based on components, my question is, can individual components be purchased separately, such as Navigation? I’m sure many people who have passed on Wappler because of its high cost would consider this as an alternative way to get onto the Wappler ladder by buying just the components they need at the current time. There are so many components and many of them aren’t needed for a current project, or at all.

Please don’t flame me, it’s a genuine question that might help attract a bigger user base.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Gary,

Your question is totally understandable and we had a similar separate components sale setup at DMXzone.

However the experience we had there was that it was actually very confusing to the users to find out which components they need and what combinations are best.

So that is what we decided with Wappler to go more in all in packages to make it much more clear and easier. And also to be able to add more and more components without pursuing you to purchase them.

Do note that the Wappler licenses are really low priced and very affordable.

If you are also on your own as freelancer you can just get the basic educational license for just 9 euro per month!

And that is just a few cups of coffee as @ben will say :slight_smile:a


Hi Gary,

George has already replied, but has assigned the action to me. I think that it is his way ensuring that I go to the end of my life as the ‘latte’ man. :wink:

Throughout my life, I have always made decisions on financial grounds. So too, my decision to go Wappler was based on saving money, rather than spending. Dreamweaver costs AUD 29.59 per month; Wappler Basic Freelance for a full year AUD 79 or AUD 6.58 per month. Yes, not even two ‘lattes’ per month. Then there are the extras that are available in Wappler that would require the purchase of extensions in Dreamweaver.

Even while writing this, I get excited all over again and I haven’t even touched on all of the other benefits. I am saving time while producing web sites, allowing me to charge less take on more work and having time to write this essay. It’s an win-win situation all round.

No, it is not a cost, Wappler is an investment.


Thanks for taking the time to reply personally, I wasn’t expecting that. :slight_smile:

I also didn’t expect to qualify for educational pricing, being a freelancer. Usually you need to be in education and provide evidence such as an education email address. So that’s a bit of a game changer as it halves the price.

Do you have a close working relationship with the guy who created Framework 7? I was thinking of migrating to that. If Wappler Pro lets me put together a F7 GUI using drag and drop then that’s a major bonus.

Thanks! Have a good Christmas.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for your reply too. Your coffee shop comparison makes sense, but maybe not if you’re that guy who prefers to buy a jar of coffee granules! :wink:

An investment is something that you own and grows in value over time, whereas purchasing a temporary software license is an ongoing expense. But I see your point if the software really does save sufficient time that’s greater than its cost. That was true with Dreamweaver before Creative Cloud. To be fair I haven’t experienced the paid-for versions of Wappler because the “trial” seems to trap you into paying for the first month. At least that’s what it looks like after reading the FAQ. If that’s not the case and the trial can be cancelled before it expires then the FAQ needs to say that.

I didn’t realise about the educational price for freelancers. Looking at the pricing page I can see that now, but I just assumed it was for people in education only. It’s nice to be wrong if it works in your favour! :smiley:
Thank you Mr Ambassador.


Hi Gary, that's not the case. You can cancel the trial at any time before it ends and you won't be charged! You are not obligated to pay, unless you decide to keep the license after the trial ends.

The Educational pricing applies for freelancers who work on small amount of projects per year as well.


Thanks Teodor! :+1:
Maybe have “Freelancer” as a separate item alongside Business and Educational to make it more obvious. I imagine most freelancers won’t even look at Educational. Why would they?


Well, we just try to integrate the best frameworks as visual as possible in Wappler. And Framework 7 is the nest for mobile development, just as Bootstrap 4 for web.

So that is why we integrate them as much as possible.

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I agree with that Post and @George . Also the only way software can be developed and good service provided is by providing a paid subscription. One time payment wont last…


You just doubled the price for individuals with the release of Wappler 2. Was 9 Euros/month, now 19. So I'm going back to my original question which was why can't you let users buy just the components they need to extend the usefulness of the free edition? The free edition is just short of being useful but the basic/pro versions are a bit pricey to maintain as an ongoing cost.


Hello Gary,
The free version is no longer available as of version 2.

The basic educational license is still 9Eur/Month - and by the way, we made some of the pro components available for basic licenses in version 2.

Unfortunately we are not planning to sell individual components. You can select any of the individual plans available.
If you can’t justify the subscription costs and find Wappler too expensive for what it offers, probably it is just not the right tool for you.

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@garyf, I wanted to chime in really quick.

People talk about the subscription vs. perpetual licensing quite a bit and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

The Subscription Model is Better

3D Studio Max is a piece of software I use to buy. I think it cost around $3,495 or so. And then you could upgrade to every new release for $1,995. So in a three-year period, I would spend $7,485 on 3D Studio Max.

And the reason I would upgrade was because they came out with new features every year. Usually not amazing features, but features that were important enough to stay competitive in the 3D industry.

Now, you can get 3D Studio Max for $195/Month or $1545/Year or $4170/3-Years. So, in short, I can get 3D Studio Max now for a 6-year period that will cost me $7,000 less than it would have with perpetual licensing.

And this is true for almost every subscription service. It is true for Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance, Cinema 4D, SoundsOnline, and so forth.

What is even better is it is allowing companies to develop new features much faster. Instead of having to look at their long-term expected growth-rate, they can look at their monthly income and invest back into development costs. This is why a lot of these companies offer a better price with a year commitment. It allows them to predict how much revenue you’ll drive over the next 12-months and how much they should invest into development now.

That is worth every penny in my mind. Getting faster updates that are much more revolutionary than they would have been under perpetual licensing.

From the Perspective of the Developer/Designer

I’ve consulted with a great deal of business owners over the past 20-years, and one of the things I’ve realized is that a lot of people don’t look at the cost of doing business correctly.

In fact, a great number of people approach their business with an everything is an expense mindset. The problem with this approach is that the point of doing business - whether it is as a freelancer or otherwise is to grow. When you look at certain costs as an investment, then you’re growth-oriented. If you look at those same costs as an expense - then you have a survival mindset.

In other words, if I purchase software, then I expect it to have a positive Return-On-Investment (ROI). If I pay $39/month for some software title, I expect it to at least allow me to generate revenue above and beyond the cost of that software.

It doesn’t matter what your living expenses are or how much money you need to eat every week. Investments are paying yourself first. In other words, if you invest $19 this month in Wappler, that is an investment to generate more money. And it is that positive ROI that you will pay yourself and live.

The approach a lot of people take is, “I have a total of $x in expenses every month and I can’t afford anymore.” Well, now we’re talking about survival. Not growth. That isn’t sustainable. It has no forward momentum and it keeps you from making rational and informed decisions that can help your situation.

A Working Example

Let’s say that I’ve been using WordPress for years to do projects for clients. I’m getting really sick of having to update plugins daily, and making sure that the sites are secure. I’m also sick of the load it puts on my hosting.

I’m starting to recognize that I need a way to take my business to a new level.

I purchase a subscription for Wappler.

I have someone call me that needs a website - they own a large hair salon. They want a blog, and they want the ability for their customers to schedule appointments. The requirements include separate schedules for each employee and a list of services that the employee offers. This way the customer can choose what they need to get done during their slot. They also want it to tie into their POS and track customer loyalty points.

Right off the bat, the customer says, “A friend told me that WordPress can do a lot of this and that we can get plugins or something to fill in the gaps. Can you do that?”

Here is the conversation:

Chad: Absolutely we can do that. I’m a little curious about something though. Is security important to you in regard to your customers?

Client: Yes. Why do you ask?

Chad: Well, WordPress is the most hacked web platform on the internet. There are millions of bots visiting websites every day looking for security flaws, and as soon as they find one - they exploit it. Would it be harmful to your business if your customers saw porn or something on your website one day?

Client: Shocked Yes. Oh my, that would be terrible.

Chad: I’m not trying to scare you. It is just the nature of having a website. You may go years without any problems, or you might get hacked rather quickly. Worse is when they put a backdoor on your website and start using it to distribute illegal material.

There’s that. There’s also the fact that the plugins and site will need to be updated daily. You also have the potential issue of the developer that makes a plugin you are using go out of business or moving on with their life. Then you end up with a website that doesn’t work anymore and this can cost you tons of money to get it developed all over again,

Client: Wow. I hadn’t really thought of any of that.

Chad: That’s okay. I’m here to help you. Let me ask you another question.

Client: Go ahead.

Chad: You have a vision of what your website should be doing when it is complete. As your business grows, your vision is going to evolve and your business is going to head into new directions based on trends in your industry, your customer’s needs, and your goals as a business owner. Do you think there would be any value if your website was able to evolve with you every step of the way?

Client: Absolutely. I think that would be really important.

Chad: I hear you. It’s important that your website reflects your business in real time. Particularly when trends and technology change so frequently these days.

I actually think a better solution for you might be a website built from the ground up.

Client: Won’t that cost a lot more?

Chad: That’s a great question. Years ago, the answer would have been yes. And to be honest, even today the answer could be yes. But, we’ve invested in new technology that allows us to program complex systems visually. The benefit for you is that we can develop much faster, which means it will cost you a lot less and it can be done in a relatively short time.

More importantly though is the fact that the system will be 100% secure. There will be no daily maintenance, and you won’t have to pay a large fee every month for different plugins for WordPress. Better even is the fact that it can be developed with your specific future in mind. If your customers give you feedback on the functionality of your scheduling system, and you want changes - we can do them quickly and easily this way. That’s going to save you money and keep your customers happy.

Client: This sounds great Chad. How much are we talking?

Chad: We need to spend some time going over the dynamics of how your website will work, what pages you’ll want, and so forth. But, I can tell you this right now: It’s not going to cost much more than WordPress - particularly when you consider the cost of plugins and theme builders.


And when it came to writing the proposal, I would include a monthly subscription service where we call them once a month for a two hour conference. The point is to discuss how the system has been working, what issues they’ve seen, any feedback they’ve gotten, and start talking about directional changes for the future. This monthly subscription would be a direct positive ROI for the Wappler investment. It would also allow me to build a relationship with them that allows me to grow their business and become an asset to them - rather than “the website guy”.

What all this means

This is a lot of stuff I’ve written. But the bottom point is this:

Wappler is an investment. And when you meet with potential clients, you need to sell that investment to them. Wappler isn’t just another way to do a website. It is a way to start really listening to the pain points your clients have, and selling them ideas that will help them.

WordPress, Webflow, and all these other platforms have an inherent problem where the solution has to be shaped around the software’s limitations or plugin offerings. With Wappler, those limits are lifted and you can now give your clients something that corporations can usually only afford: Tailor-made custom solutions that fit their needs and vision perfectly.

And for $19/month - that’s an incredible deal.


Very good post.

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Hi Chad. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I agree with many of your points in the context you put them in. I particularly like your observation of growth oriented vs survival mindset. Admittedly I’ve always been the latter because I’ve been taught to live within your means.

I don’t subscribe to the thought that subscription software is better value in all cases. If you don’t use a piece of software on a frequent basis then it’s not worth paying for something that sits idly for a month or two while you pay for its rent. Or if you’re happy to skip every other major release, or two, then buying the software outright is much cheaper.

For example, I bought Photoshop 6 way back in 2000. It did everything I needed it to, so when the next few revisions came out I skipped them because I couldn’t justify paying for features that wouldn’t necessarily improve the quality my output or make it any faster to produce. CS3 in 2007 was the next version I got. The leap wasn’t earth shattering and it didn’t make me a better designer, but the new features were occasionally handy. It was worth the one-off cost to buy CS3, but to have got there by buying 4 full releases instead of 1 would have been very expensive.

As for web and app development, I code everything by hand. It would be nice to do some of it with Wappler but I’d only use it during the design phase of a new site/app. So that’s a few times a year for a couple of weeks each time. I don’t think it’s fair to pay rental charges on something I don’t use all the time. $400 as a one-off charge would be great to own it, but sadly I don’t have that option. The bigger picture in my case is there are many other tools I have to pay for and when some of them turn into subscriptions it’s a nightmare. My budget is limited and I can’t easily pass extra costs onto customers by way of monthly meetings or maintenance contracts. I would feel guilty selling them something most don’t need. (Some are sole traders and not-for-profits so I try to be as generous as I can to help them.)

I dumped Adobe CC after I found suitable alternatives to all of their products that were either a one-off cost or completely free. Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher are a few incredible examples that have helped fight back against the subscription model. HitFilm Pro (with a few paid-for add-ons) replacing Premiere - amazing. If all of my tools were only available through a sub then I don’t think it would be worth carrying on. If your fuel tank has too many holes leaking petrol/gas your journey will come to an end. You might not agree with this metaphor but that’s how it feels.

I appreciate Wappler has found its place in the market and I wish the whole team success as it’s a fine product, but the rental approach pushes some would-be customers away.

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That's not really our philosophy. Our philosophy is to provide continuous improvements through regular, weekly updates.

If you are working for a non profit organization we have really affordable monthly plans, which you can start and stop when you need them.

As I suggested in my previous post probably Wappler is just not the right tools for you. We don't really expect it to be the right tool for everybody out there :slight_smile:

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Really interesting and true post. But I saw that mostly Customers don‘t care about security. Not speaking about Enterprise customers. But small sized companies see only costs and they ask a friend of a friend. Also with Wordpress they press a button or tell thats automated, or even better: an employee has web experience. Maybe webdevelopment went to a completely burned path/history. There are lots of customers which say: „We‘re done with websites“. We don‘t need any and shut them down. Also trying to sell SSL is a waste of time. Same for hosting as market got so extremely saturated.

Your post is so true about costs and clients shouldnt see it only as an „expense“, but with the growing „freemium“ Model people, mostly customers can‘t really see from a technical aspect what they get. It takes a lot of arguments and energy to tell customers that wix , jimdo etc is crap.

There is one huge benefit I would go for Wappler for a project. And I don‘t speak about rapid cool visual web development. But if you make an offer which is done in Wappler for a small to medium Project and a customer compares it with some default wordpress template solutions, I guess you‘re the clear winner when arguing for that Wappler solution. With Wappler youre so free to customize and agile as hell. So you have a product and solution which is not comparable. Thats a big benefit. Try to Offer an Office or Server Product. Customer can type into Google and compare to thousands of online prices . Dear Webdeveloper why are you more expensive that these people here in Google? Why is your Offer or ServerHosting so expensive? Hard to explain that … maybe Hosting runs on a multi billion dollar hosting company like Amazon? Or maybe these Web Offers are from another country with cheap loans?
Back to Web Dev. Frameworks. Laravel is quickly an overkill for small projects. It takes time to setup dev. environment or move it to production.With Laravel and similar Frameworks I expect you can scale them with teams via GIT and Jira/Projectmanagement better.

There is some part of Wappler where I say: I can‘t offer a midsize company you a solution in Wappler, cause its a niche product and nearly nobody I could handover that project at the end. I think also a Marketplace will become important for that point. Customers want to be independent. With other frameworks they are. But that doesnt reflect reality. At the end if a customer asks you to takeover a webdevelopment from another guy, mostly they will create the project from
scratch. Even if its properly done. So what can I say… :smile::ok_hand:t4:

At the end a good, fast and affordable solution is wanted from the customer. Same goes for web developers, they ask for the same. For me important is to close that huge gap between Techs (Developers) and NonTechies (Customers) and to explain depending solution and pricing. A service fee, subscription or maybe even an SLA makes absolutely sense for a running productive solution which is 24/7 accessible. We dont speak here about classic printed paperflyer which you do once and its just okay & work done.

The future is in hosted cloud solutions with a subscription model. A onetime fee is just not gonna work. And in a even more future world we will have decentralized applications completely interconnected ecosystem and maybe API‘s as how we now it are past. :nerd_face:


I will admit, I felt exactly the same way when i first started using DMXZone tools, but honestly I think as you get deeper and deeper into using Wappler, you will find that the need to go and manually code almost anything becomes a total waste of your time and energy.

I have personally hand coded at least 100 large scale websites, with full front ends and backends, in php, jquery, sql, javascript, and i never thought i would find a tool to take the place of hand coding, I was dead set against the idea, and actually found it offensive when someone tried to convince me different. And in some ways I was right, i still have to hand code, but in a normal 8 hour day of just hand coding, i honestly think i maybe do an hour every 3 days now that i use Wappler.
Believe me or not, it really can eliminate 99% of hand coding, and does a better job of it than i ever could have. Gone are the days of debugging every single script for 2 hours, trying my best to break it, gone are the days of getting an email from my service provider saying we are upgrading the server versions of mysql and php and please go check your 100 websites incase they broke. I can almost always be assured that Wappler has already updated their scripts long before my ISP decided to update everything.

So for me personally, who also has a very limited budget to play with, I just have to have this tool, and I have given up my TextWrangler, BBEdit, Espresso, DreamWeaver tools completely.


@garyf, If nothing else, I strongly suggest you do start looking at things through the lens of growth rather than survival. Even if you would only use something four or five times a year, if the revenue generated is above the cost of the tools to do that - then you are in the green.

But with that being said, every product has a demographic, and as Teodor said, it may just be that Wappler isn’t the right option for you. I think if you got into the visual side of the programming, you would find that Wappler is much more productive as Paul (@psweb) has said. Part of me gets the feeling that you are looking through a principal lens. (Why rent something if I don’t use it.) Vs having business-oriented lens of, “I use it and generate revenue as a result of it.” But that is fine and it may be that your situation works better the way you approach it.

I would suggest to @Teodor and @George that maybe an idea that could fill a niche like Gary fits in could be: Get Wappler for one project for a 30-day period for $40 or something. That way if people would only use it once or twice a year - they could use it for those limited projects.

Affinity makes some really good software and I would be tempted to replace software from Adobe too at times. However, I depend on After Effects too much…

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But you already can get a personal license of Wappler for this price, for one month :slight_smile:
One month and a trial = almost 40 days. Should be pretty easy to earn much much more than the subscription for one month, given the hour rates we all know web developers charge :smiley:
Most of you guys are 'in the green' only after the first hour of work :slight_smile:

Wappler Pro / Personal License - €39

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@Teodor, that’s a good point. Maybe put some verbiage on the pricing page under monthly that says, “Great for single projects” or something? But you are right. I think the value is incredible.

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