Possible to buy components individually?


Hi. The title is the question I’d like to ask please, but if you have a minute here’s a bit of background to it…

I’ve tried the free version of Wappler and although I like it, it’s too restricted to be of practical use in creating new websites and apps. I’m very willing to pay for software within my budget but the subscription model is a killer for me.

I cancelled my subscription to Adobe CC over a year ago because of the astronomical costs and found very-almost equally good replacement software for everything at a one-off cost (like in the old days!). The only software I can’t find a replacement for is Dreamweaver. (Been using that since v2) I’ve got used to designing and coding sites and apps in Sublime and now Visual Studio Code.

Now I’ve stumbled across Wappler we’re back to the subscription issue. Because it’s based on components, my question is, can individual components be purchased separately, such as Navigation? I’m sure many people who have passed on Wappler because of its high cost would consider this as an alternative way to get onto the Wappler ladder by buying just the components they need at the current time. There are so many components and many of them aren’t needed for a current project, or at all.

Please don’t flame me, it’s a genuine question that might help attract a bigger user base.

Thanks in advance.

A case for Basic+ or Pro Lite

Hi Gary,

Your question is totally understandable and we had a similar separate components sale setup at DMXzone.

However the experience we had there was that it was actually very confusing to the users to find out which components they need and what combinations are best.

So that is what we decided with Wappler to go more in all in packages to make it much more clear and easier. And also to be able to add more and more components without pursuing you to purchase them.

Do note that the Wappler licenses are really low priced and very affordable.

If you are also on your own as freelancer you can just get the basic educational license for just 9 euro per month!

And that is just a few cups of coffee as @ben will say :slight_smile:a


Hi Gary,

George has already replied, but has assigned the action to me. I think that it is his way ensuring that I go to the end of my life as the ‘latte’ man. :wink:

Throughout my life, I have always made decisions on financial grounds. So too, my decision to go Wappler was based on saving money, rather than spending. Dreamweaver costs AUD 29.59 per month; Wappler Basic Freelance for a full year AUD 79 or AUD 6.58 per month. Yes, not even two ‘lattes’ per month. Then there are the extras that are available in Wappler that would require the purchase of extensions in Dreamweaver.

Even while writing this, I get excited all over again and I haven’t even touched on all of the other benefits. I am saving time while producing web sites, allowing me to charge less take on more work and having time to write this essay. It’s an win-win situation all round.

No, it is not a cost, Wappler is an investment.


Thanks for taking the time to reply personally, I wasn’t expecting that. :slight_smile:

I also didn’t expect to qualify for educational pricing, being a freelancer. Usually you need to be in education and provide evidence such as an education email address. So that’s a bit of a game changer as it halves the price.

Do you have a close working relationship with the guy who created Framework 7? I was thinking of migrating to that. If Wappler Pro lets me put together a F7 GUI using drag and drop then that’s a major bonus.

Thanks! Have a good Christmas.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for your reply too. Your coffee shop comparison makes sense, but maybe not if you’re that guy who prefers to buy a jar of coffee granules! :wink:

An investment is something that you own and grows in value over time, whereas purchasing a temporary software license is an ongoing expense. But I see your point if the software really does save sufficient time that’s greater than its cost. That was true with Dreamweaver before Creative Cloud. To be fair I haven’t experienced the paid-for versions of Wappler because the “trial” seems to trap you into paying for the first month. At least that’s what it looks like after reading the FAQ. If that’s not the case and the trial can be cancelled before it expires then the FAQ needs to say that.

I didn’t realise about the educational price for freelancers. Looking at the pricing page I can see that now, but I just assumed it was for people in education only. It’s nice to be wrong if it works in your favour! :smiley:
Thank you Mr Ambassador.



Hi Gary, that’s not the case. You can cancel the trial at any time before it ends and you won’t be charged! You are not obligated to pay, unless you decide to keep the license after the trial ends.

The Educational pricing applies for freelancers who work on small amount of projects per year as well.


Thanks Teodor! :+1:
Maybe have “Freelancer” as a separate item alongside Business and Educational to make it more obvious. I imagine most freelancers won’t even look at Educational. Why would they?


Well, we just try to integrate the best frameworks as visual as possible in Wappler. And Framework 7 is the nest for mobile development, just as Bootstrap 4 for web.

So that is why we integrate them as much as possible.

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I agree with that Post and @George . Also the only way software can be developed and good service provided is by providing a paid subscription. One time payment wont last…