A case for Basic+ or Pro Lite

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So far I find that the Basic subscription is mostly adequate for my freelance work. I do not have any specific need for extensive DB connectivity or IOS/Android apps. If a project comes that has that need I would not hesitate to upgrade.

What I would like is some of the Pro extension functionality concerning forms. Creating a form with no client side validation other than required and without reCaptcha or Moment is sub-optimal even for basic form functionality.

(former HotDog, HotMTL, Sublime Text, Coda, Transmit, Brackets, WebStorm, FireWorks, DW+DMXZone user)


Hi Howard,
Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider this for the upcoming Wappler 2.0 :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you Howard , I am in the same situation as you and it is a pain to be forced to upgrade to PRO for such a basic features found in all other builders as a standard.



Hello Howard,
As of Wappler 2.0 the Form Validator and reCaptcha are included in the Basic plans.

Please update to the latest version!


That’s great news, thank you very much Wappler team!

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It would be a good thing to modify the “Compare features” on the Pricing page to reflect that change :slight_smile:
It actually say “Form Validation & Recaptcha” is available only in the Pro plan.

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Ah yes, I forgot about this :slight_smile: will change it asap.



oops! still showing as Pro components needing upgrade

Which pro components do you mean Howard?

We moved the form validators, recaptcha and bs4 tooltips already to basic.


Are you sure you updated to v2?
If yes - try logging out then logging in again.

Teo, It’s 2.00.

I quit and restarted but no change!

Try LOG OUT and quit. Then log in again.

I did.

It’s the same.

I think we missed the server connect validator actions, will fix it in the next update

…hold on, look at this

Actually as you don’t have PRO subscription and can’t use the database actions in server connect - I wonder what do you do there with the validator?

Are you sure you are not using any database actions Howard and still need the basic subscription only?

Using -or trying to use Form to Email.

The validation properties are available under Globals>$_POST, but not from App Structure > Validation Rules.