PopUp windows not remember last position

Wappler Version : 4.3.2
Operating System : Windows

Expected behavior

With Experiment Feature on.
If open any binding windows, then resize, then move it in any position outside or inside wappler it should remember last position.

Actual behavior

When resize popup windows of data binding and then move it any where inside or outside wappler, the popup always show up on right bottom of wappler hidding the Cancel and Select Buttoms behind to the windows taskbar.

How to reproduce

1.- Open any data binding with the original size, it always show up on right bottom of Wappler as default position.

2.- Now resizing the Data Binding PopUp.

3.- Move the Data Binding PopUp just a bit up and right outside wappler and then Cancel or Select buttom to close the PopUp.

4.- Now open again Data Binding PopUp and it remains with the last size but with original position from step 1 with the difference than now the Cancel and Select Bottoms are hidden behind in the Windows taskbar.

With experiment feature off is obviously that resizing windows popup is not possible, so, position and size not apply in this case.

I see that this repeats in new version 4.4.0

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.6

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