Please support Paddle to the same level as you do Stripe.... here's why...developers have a look!

Both Paddle and Stripe are popular payment processors used by software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. Here’s a comparison of the two regarding VAT handling and other features:

Paddle handles VAT (Value Added Tax) collection and remittance through their VAT MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) compliance service. This means that Paddle automatically calculates, collects, and remits the appropriate VAT based on the customer’s location, taking the burden off you as the business owner! An absolute no brainer…

Stripe, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a built-in VAT MOSS solution. You would need to either handle VAT calculations and reporting yourself or integrate with a third-party VAT compliance solution like Quaderno or Taxamo.

Other features: Paddle:

  • Specializes in selling software and digital products
  • Offers an integrated checkout, licensing, and subscription management platform
  • Provides analytics and reporting tools specific to software sales
  • Supports a wide range of pricing models (one-time, recurring, metered, etc.)


  • More general-purpose payment processor suitable for various business types
  • Offers a wide range of payment methods (credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc.)
  • Provides robust developer tools and APIs for customization
  • Supports recurring billing and subscription management
  • Offers additional products like Stripe Billing, Stripe Radar (fraud protection), and Stripe Connect (marketplace payments)

In summary, if you prioritize ease of VAT compliance and want a platform tailored specifically for selling software and digital products, Paddle is the better choice. However, if you need a more flexible and customizable payment solution with a broader range of features, Stripe might be a better fit, although you’ll need to handle VAT compliance separately or through a third-party integration.

What do you think??

Stripe is decent but terrible for VAT, we need to have an alternative.

For the headline figures, the only issue with Paddle is the pricing, 5% +50c per transaction seems a lot. Stripe is 1.5% +20 for UK cards and 2.5% +20p for EU cards.

However, and this is a big HOWEVER: Stripe has a lot of additional pricing for extras, need to provide a Stripe generated invoice? That’ll be £10 please, need anything else, no matter how trivial? That’ll be extra too. We only use the bare bones Stripe card clearance as it gets too expensive otherwise.

Stripe isn’t a merchant of record (MoR), which means we have to handle our own tax/VAT handling, which is not god at all for dealing with users outside your own country…

If I was given a choice through Wappler, I’d ditch Stripe in a heartbeat. We’ve looked into moving over to Paddle in the past but have been put off with it not having native Wappler support.

I’m guessing a lot of users here are creating SaaS apps and websites, for this Paddle is a great choice so in my opinion needs to be supported by Wappler.

I’d prefer to see this being prioritised over deeper Docker integrations for example as it makes so much more difference for the products we are building.

I see you already created the same feature request a while back:

I’m interested in this topic as I plan to offer my SaaS to US customers and in other countries. I don’t fully know the process, but it does appear you can register through Stripe and have it collect the taxes.

Paddle Classic API is simpler than Stripe, you can get by just using API Action (optional), Server Action (webhooks) and a few database tables to store orders/transactions with columns to store things like invoice URL (given by Paddle via webhook).

Haven’t checked their new API.

Of course, Wappler support for it is very welcome.


Thanks for that, its very helpful.

Do you know if they can allow us to offer credit card payment facilities to our customers? That’s the only reason we are with Stripe.

Yes, see here:

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I think the best of all, Paddle supports over 200 countries, while Stripe supports only 46 countries, and the list is barely expanding since I heard about Stripe a while ago.

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I meant allowing my customers, who are businesses, to use our SaaS platform to take card payments from their customers using our platform. I think Stripe call it ‘Connect’:

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Oh, I don’t think so @TMR

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