PDF Creator Questions

Hi Wappler team,

Firstly, thanks for this feature - i’m changing my workflow a little to be able to use it instead of third party providers.

I’m not able to comment on the doc, so thought I’d chuck the questions here relating to the currently supported functionality:

  • does it support styling of individual elements (e.g. changing the colour/background of a paragraph, or a column.
  • does it support styling the header/footer (e.g. changing background colours)
  • does it support adding URL’s (e.g. if we want to add a logo plus url to the footer)
  • does it support repeat elements (beyond tables)
  • is there a way save the generated pdf file so that we could store them in S3 storage etc.

I currently create PDF’s using a third party service, that I can create and customize styling on elements/the template. This happens server side so I can generate a file path that I can then send via API to our partners. Without being able to generate an actual file path, or a way to download/save I may have to wait until a server side version is created.

If none of these are supported, is there any plan to extend the functionality and any timeline on server side?


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Hi @mgaussie
I haven’t tested it yet, but all the changes you have made in HTML should be displayed without any issues in the PDF.

Styling etc. isn’t displayed, it’s all cleared and plain. Perhaps I’ll try online styling to see how that transfers

Yes, we try to follow Bootstrap 5 styling as much as possible, so regular boostrap colors and backgrounds should work fine.

Furthermore we have a special PDF Styling tag that you can insert under the PDF Creator, where you define your own styling and give it a class name. Later on in your content you can just add this class name as class to the element and it will receive the special styling in the PDF.

Yes each footer and header have special PDF text elements that you can add with styling and alignment.
There are also special PDF images elements for images in the header and footers.

Links on images in the header or footer are not supported.
You can have links in the content.

Yes you can use all App Connect dynamic elements in the content to build all your dynamic parts.

The PDF generation is done fully client side. You have actions for open and download for the user. Reuploading to S3 might be possible but it will be from the client side.

The PDF generation is done fully client side. You have actions for open and download for the user. Reuploading to S3 might be possible but it will be from the client side.

Hey, @George

Is it possible to do this in a workflow that doesn’t require local saving or even user interaction? Under the hood, just showing some completion status for the user.

You can call the PDF creator actions wherever you want from. But what is your final goal?

Thanks, @George!

As a salesperson, I want to click a button and have a PDF (a print-friendly quote) generated from it. The PDF can be previewed or not.

In the same button click, I want the file to be seamlessly sent to the server. It will be stored somewhere, and a standard email will be sent to the client saying something like ‘here is your proposal,’ with a link. The client will click and download the file. The PDF can be also be attached.

Something like that!

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Thank you for all these answers it helps. However, from my testing no element styling carries through. I haven’t tested inline styling but those using my custom css don’t.
Just simple paragraph styling to appear as tags, or column backgrounds.

I think I’ll still need to use third party services for the time being but this is a great add for the wider community.

You can define pdf styles under the pdf creator, the styles can then be used as classes in the pdf content.

CSS classes do not work, we have mapped several bootstrap 5 classes to pdf styles, so many bootstrap styling are rendered correctly in the pdf. You can use the style attribute on the element, following css properties are supported in pdf:

  • background-color
  • border
  • color
  • font-family
  • font-style (with italic )
  • font-weight (with bold )
  • height
  • margin
  • line-height
  • text-align
  • text-decoration
  • text-indent
  • white-space (with break-spaces and pre* )
  • width

Got it - so it needs to be inline and using only these attributes? Thank you i’ll test that out.

hi folks! the option PDF i dont see on the combo of one ths options! i already active BETA option!
what i cold do wrong? tks!!!

You must be using Bootstrap 5 for this to work. :wink:

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Tks @AdrianoLuiz you always help us!

I am trying to add pdf creator functionality to my client side.
I have Bootstrap5-cdn installed to the project.
I can not see pdf creator option nowhere.
Could you please help me?

You need to be on the beta extensions channel in order to use the PDF creator component.

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The Pdf creator works for node.js web project and is working fine…

I did a mobile capacitor project and run in Android simulator , but when generate PDF , seems like no response.

Am I missing some settings ?

Hello @phan

Have you seen some errors on the emulator?
What about console on inspected device (chrome) or logcat on Android Studio?

Attached is the screen capture… No error But I also cannot see the PDF

Are you sure?
I see 1 error on the left panel

Is this error causing the issue? How to solve this error?