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Will you be offering a pay monthly subscription option along the same lines Adobe do for CC?
€399 is a large commitment for what is a largely untested piece of software. I personally would be happy to commit to a month by month license model.
Yes I’m aware of the 14 day money back scheme but not many developers will have the time to commit 14 days to just testing that Wappler can meet their needs. It’s likely to take significantly longer.
We need to know that Wappler will be able to replace our current system of choice before fully committing.
That means being able to use and test ALL functionality for a reasonable amount of time without the risk of finding out after 3 months that it can only do a fraction of what we need it to.

Also there will be smaller startups and new developers who will benefit from tools like server actions but who cant commit to the full spend in one payment.

See also this topic for subscription discussion:

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I have no complaint re the pricing. It looks like Wappler will be worth the price if it does everything it claims well. I just believe a monthly fee like 99% of other SaaS products offer would be better for your customers from a cashflow point of view.
You could potentialy be losing customers who could easily afford 30 euro a month but cant afford 399 as a single payment.

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Thanks for your feedback - we will definitely consider this. It does makes sense indeed. Lets see if more people will vote for it.

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I agree a monthly subscription or even a discounted 3 month trial would allow developers to test the product correctly. I am already facing a financial write-off from the many DMX extensions I already have which are not usable in Wappler. I am cautious about investing 399 euros without being able to test effectively the database connection side of things. Or how about a trade-in discount system on DMX extensions?

I would have purchased a subscription to pro on Friday (June 1st) if it had been available. Had to purchase the Monthly Subscription to the Dw extensions instead, which may not have been the better option, considering I really need to move on the mobile app project I’m working on, and support seems to be too busy with Wappler to support the Dw extensions. I’m trying to hook in an API (not a database), and I’m brand-new to App Connect, Server Connect, and Visual App Designer for Framework7, and I am unable to find any tutorials on how to properly setup an API with DMXzone extensions.

For my next mobile app project, I will account for the Wappler Pro cost. Hopefully by then it will be a subscription. :slight_smile:

I will be the first to subscribe if you offer a monthly subscription at a reasonable price. I can not commit $399 Euros ($600+ AUD) in one lump sum.

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Hi All,

Monthly subscriptions are already available! Please check the pricing:

You can select the desired plan, in the Purchase dialog in Wappler:

Also now we have trial period, which depends on the selected plan - 7 days for Monthly plans and 14 days for Yearly plans. You can test all of the product features without being charged.

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Brilliant! Thank you

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