Annual Fee of $399


How can you possibly justify this fee? Why should I pay $400 each year for this software? Why so expensive?

I’m confused.

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When you consider I have just paid that much for a few BS4 DW extensions, getting the entire Wappler environment for that price is a steal. I’m gladly going to pay that price for a product that grows almost weekly. These guys have put out a great product and need to pay staff as well.

I don’t work for free, neither should they.


If the product saves me one hour a week compared to other products, this would equate about $4,000 a year or a ROI of 1,000%.


Interesting. I don’t recall saying I wanted a free product. Just a tad extreme, Brad. I’m quite comfortable with my question. I don’t understand, and I’d like some clarity. I guess I’m not educated as to what this product can do. Maybe someone can school me and without insults. That would be good.


Will this fee recur automatically every year or will you be notified in advance to manually extend a yearly subscription?


Yes you will be able to cancel the auto-renewal of the subscription.


Hi how can I cancel the auto-renewal?
It is not possible yet?


This option will be added in the next update :slight_smile:


i think the price is great for the features.
keep up the great work.


Hi Steven,
I think your question is fair enough. I feel that the fee is acceptable for the software. If I am honest I think it is more than fair. Having used DMX Extensions for quite a few years now, and being happy to pay for them (the Subscription is remarkable value for money), I consider the cost of Wappler in comparison to be right around the mark for such a tool-set. Dreamweaver is reaching a point where it has become bloated. Extending Dreamweaver to compensate for it’s lack of dynamic abilities can be expensive. To have order brought to chaos via an application that encompasses all that was great about Dreamweaver with the benefits of in-built quality industry leading Extensions is a no-brainer for us. We all have to ask if the cost justifies the means. Will the investment lead to increased productivity, less complications, time saving, and above all profit the user. Now our company pays out tens of thousands a year for various software licenses. All carefully selected for their benefits, their cost effectiveness, their productivity, etc. Wappler is no different in this regard, It justifies its pricing to us. It fits our requirements. And we know as DMX users that the support is leading edge. Development is fast paced. Deployment of new features will bring further value to this product, and all from a name we trust.

Sorry if I sound like a Fan-Boy. I don’t mind admitting that I am a great fan of the team at DMX. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money and nor do they. In that we regard we stand with them.

I hope this may help you make a decision or aid in alleviating some concerns you may have. None of us have money to burn so in this regard investing in Wappler makes total sense.

Best regards!


It’s a fair question. I look it at like this - software is just a tool. If a new product offers a more efficient workflow and feature set then it will save me time and allow me to offer my clients a better end product. If I can build better websites faster then I will earn more money. It’s simply down to ROI .

Learning new software takes time so I’d rather pay for something at a price that ensures the authors make money and can develop the product further and support me. I’ve had enough of great products sold cheap that had bugs and didn’t generate enough income, so the authors didn’t have the resources for support and development and simply went bust.


In an attempt to justify the $399 annual Wappler fee, I decided on a little exercise. I opened Dreamweaver as I do each morning and it took 50 seconds. Then did the same for Wappler and it took 20 seconds. A saving of 0.5 minutes a day @ 200 working days a year gives me a saving of 100 hours a year. If I were to charge $60 per hour (which I don’t) the savings would equate to $600 a year.

Come on Wappler!


Actually Ben, $60/hr x 100 Hours = $6,000/year … that’s a pretty good return on investment. :wink:


7 seconds here to open
i suggest you invest that saving to upgrade your machine :grinning:


Thanks Brad, another of my senior moments.


Bad idea mrbdrm, I am getting slower, turning 75 this week, and I do not want my machine to outrun me.


If Wappler can achieve the potential it demonstrates, I think it will be very good value.

As it stands, it seems to have too many bugs and missing features to be of much use, and (IMHO) was released far too early. I just hope it improves quickly enough not to discourage people trying it out; I suspect many of these people may not see the potential.

I think people would also be less likely to lose faith in the product if there were at least some basic documentation and more, short demos showing how to get started.


Hello Tom,
Basic documentation is finished already and it will be released with the update this week.

As for the bugs - most of the bugs listed in the community forums will also be fixed in this week’s update - but this has nothing to do with the functionality actually…

If you see anything missing in the features included in wapper, well then just use the features request forum and post them there so we can include them in our weekly updates!


I tink the fee is a bit on the high end of what I was willing to pay, but luckily with my DMX code it was very affordable. I know that there is still lots of work to be done to get a more mature product and right now the developers have to earn on a small community of enthousiast users.

Hopefully, we early adopters and supporters will be appreciated later on, when Wappler will become more and more a success story with more and more paying users. I think that as success grows prices should be more competitive and at least early adopters should benefit also from this success. After all, we are all building it together with our feedback, testing and comments to make it better!

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Hi Ben, nice to see your name come up, I just joined and put a question up don’t really understand Wappler, by the way I just turned 78 your just a spring chicken, best regards, Peter