Paste without formatting

I am going to be a pain and ask if there is any possibility to add a keyboard shortcut or even a menu item for paste without formatting.

When copy pasting chunks of client text supplied in Microsoft Word each time I paste it tries to pick up font size etc from the copied text. This means I have to either paste into a true plain text editor and copy / paste into Wappler or means that I have to paste only using the code view. Please i beg of you.

And if you don’t do it i will get @norcoscia to ask, and we all know he can be quite convincing.

That is a Word issue that goes back to the beginning of time. I always have to paste the content into TextEdit on a Mac first then copy and paste from there.

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Wow it is an absolute pain in the back-end for front-end development. Stupid Stupid Microsoft Word. Driving me nuts.

Yes, i keep electronic sticky notes on my desktop and paste the text into them first which strips out the horrible code which Word adds then copy them into the fields as clean text.Also works for text from web pages

(perhaps you of all people should start using the term server side rather than back end)


Ok so we all fighting this same issue then. It’s not just me. Lol. The funny thing is Word itself has a paste without formatting command. InDesign has preferences where you can tell it to paste in 2 different ways that avoids this issue.
So even though it is no fault of Wappler does anyone think it is even possible for Wappler to control the paste and strip the formatting or do we all have to use our workarounds?

Very right you are Brian. Lol

To be honest i have been doing that for so long now in web forms etc that it is second nature. As i tend to use standard cut and paste shortcuts it’s not a wappler issue for me and a paste unformatted would make little difference but i do see your point.

Sounds like a good idea to me and I’m sure psweb has done plenty of anal–ysis on this, whole front end back end thing :slight_smile:

PS. Making some snappy campaign signs for you now psweb :wink:



Well I just set a sticky note in place now and it does seem to be working. It’s still a pain but oh well. Not exactly difficult work around.
I am also having the same issue pasting web page content too.
Maybe I can write a simple apple script to copy and strip formatting on another keyboard shortcut? Hmmm

Paul solution, turn a minor inconvenience into a two week apple script coding nightmare. Haha
Although I think poor @George has already figured this out about me.

That’s the Paul we all know and love - :roll_eyes:

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I think you should make some Microsoft campaigns.

RUINING lives one sale at a time.

Microsoft Outlook already stole my entire day and now it looks like Microsoft Word is going to upset my evening.
I sold an email signature solution to a company with 80 employees. Purchased an out the Box Black Pearl Mail solution as per the GSuite suggestion for their partner. Setup was easy, implementation even easier. Then the marketing lady sent an email company wide that looked something like this.

“Please can anyone not seeing their email signature images let Paul know” 78 emails from Outlook users all saying “Our clients will not click to download the image” honestly outlook must be the only email client left enforcing this policy in such a silly way. Three days waiting for Black Pearl Mail to embed the image rather and guess what, it still does not show up.

So right now I am not really a big Microsoft fan.

Paul, Is this a bad time to tell you i am a Microsoft Certified Professional.

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Haha haha. Well please tell me how to fix then then. Lol. Tried using code from campaign monitor, another from mail chimp and a last resort die hard idea from Litmus. Nothing gets around this issue.
Well of course one way. Cancel my Black Pearl Mail contract, loose the money, and put the image in the outlook signature area, which of course works.

Here you go Paul - best I could do on short notice :slight_smile:

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Lol, thank you loving your work, haha

I think this will be an easier implementation than previously imagined because I have managed to find a way to make my text paste without formatting in most of my applications now, following a quick article, so a very easy solution that does not even require me to change the shortcut key, it just works and pastes from Word/Chrome browser to Apple Mail / Text Edit or almost any app without the formatting.

So that was easy, unfortunately it looks like Wappler does not work with this system? Paste and Match Style is what it is called on a mac, and it is under the edit menu on a Mac in Google Chrome. Sooo, Wappler uses part of Google Chrome engine, mmmm, just putting it out there for certainly mythological god like individuals to ponder…
Whats that song by Eminem, goes something like
“I’m beginning to feel like a Wap God, Wap God
All my people from the frontend to the backend nod, beck nod…”


Even more interesting is if I right click in the text area in design view then i can get to Paste and Match Style and it works, so that gets me most of the way there already

Wait your on a MAC - why didn’t you say so - download PopClip (on the Mac app store) - I use it all the time - one of my favorite add-ons. You can just select paste as plain text.
Plus hundreds of other functions you can add to the pop up…

Downloading now, thank you, will let you know if it makes the rest of this work.

How could you not know I am a Mac user, anybody this pedantic, that does not accept “NO” for an answer is probably a painful Mac user.

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I have never found a place it does not work - use it everyday for lots of other functions.

PS. I’m retired so I work for my wife full time :slight_smile:

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Well done, my goodness, this one tool means Wappler can cancel my request for a text formatter to make text uppercase or lowercase or camelcase, they can cancel my Paste without formatting, they can cancel my request to remove spaces between words or replace spaces with dashes formatter. These are all things I have asked for at some point or another on the community and sadly never attained, thank you.

Sounds so silly, but 3 seconds saving each hour for all the hours i work in a year actually adds up to a ton of saved hours and more importantly frustration.

Turning long SEO image names into alt text and removing dashes etc all becomes seconds now, what a time saver. Im a little embarrassed to say I have been using Mac since about 1990 on a full time basis and never found such a silly and helpful tool.

Glad I could help and it is working for you :grinning:

First I upgraded to pro and now I have actually helped someone here, feeling pretty cool - :sunglasses:


Well you will never be unhappy as a Pro license, Wappler is everything that every other tool has failed to be, honestly, best App, hands down, and I will stake my already terrible reputation on it. LOL Enjoy

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