Paste HTML in Popovers content doesn't work

Can’t seem to add HTML in to the Content area for Popovers? Have done this in the past by simply pasting the raw HTML in to the Content area but this no longer works? How is this done these days?


Hi Dave
What is not working - the paste procedure?

Exactly. Can no longer paste in to the Content area (html is ticked).

Just tested paste and it works.
Can you provide a sample code that you are trying to paste but doesn;t work?

<p class="resultsHeaderSubTitle">{{conditionDescription}}</p><p class="resultsHeaderSubTitle"><span class="titleIcon single-box">Edit</span></p>

Thanks for diagnosing Teodor! Probably me being stupid to be honest… :slight_smile:

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I was able to recreate it.
@George will check this.

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Thanks Teodor!

At the same time would it be worth combing any fixes with the following ‘tidy up’ suggestion?