Outdated Framework 7 version

Hello @George
The existing framework 7 versions look very old. (wappler framework7 4.5.2) but the latest update is 5.7.5 which has been released and many fixes have been added.


I’m anxious for this as well. If my work load ever lightens I plan on submitting my thoughts on mobile dev within Wappler now that I’ve gone through a major project… and updating fw7 is certainly on the list.


There are a lot of changes and I think many new features can be added visually.

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Just today I was thinking about creating a similar theme. You beat me to it! :slightly_smiling_face:

In fact, I would like a better integration of framework7 in Wappler, since the integration is very weak right now. Why framework7? Because this is a fantastic framework for creating an interface! You will laugh, but I gave up bootstrap4 in favor of framework7 even when creating web applications that are mostly opened on a desktop computer.

With framework7, I can create a functional and beautiful application interface much faster than bootstrap4. Regardless of what platform I’m creating the app for. This is despite the fact that we currently have very weak integration of framework7 with Wappler. Approximately 60-70% of elements are not available in Wappler for visual editing (Wappler simply does not see the code of these elements). I have to work with the code. But despite this, it is much faster to create a functional and beautiful interface, with perfect adaptability, compared to bootstrap4 (which is very well integrated in Wappler at the moment).

If framework7 were better integrated into Wappler, humanity would get the best tool possible for quickly creating full-featured interfaces! :slightly_smiling_face:

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We need these improvements to send rockets into space :slight_smile:

framework 7 developers are also working very fast. They have released updates very often. Maybe this can be a problem for wappler team.
…and I don’t think the wappler team will make this update shortly, they are currently preparing for 3.0.

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We hope to get soon to update Framework7 as well.

Have to finalize all the other major parts first for the 3.0 release so Framework7 can profit from them later as well.


Would be great if you publish a quick tutorial showcasing working with FW7 @ Mr.Rubi. I have never been able to get my head around the structure and how navigation works.

Ok, Marcel. I may have some free time in the near future. If this happens, I will try to make a small guide that will show you how the app works on framework7 and how navigation works.


F7 radio buttons in a media-list are refusing to left align in Wappler 3 despite the F7 docs confirming my code is correct. After 2 hours of thinking I’ve gone mad and tinkering with the css I realise Wappler is using an old version of F7.
Replacing my local framework7.bundle.min css and js files with the latest version from the F7 website seems to have done the trick. Nothing has broken so far inside Wappler so I assume this isn’t a stupid thing I’ve done.
I would love to see F7 get some love from the Wappler team and quarterly updates of F7 rather than annual. Thank you.


I might regret this, but I saw a post on the fw7 forum that indicates version 6 is only a couple months away. We’ve waited this long for 5, maybe we should wait for v6?

Of course, choices are always best so having a way to manually install ANY version would also be a great enhancement.

The latest framework 7 version has been included in Wappler 5.4