Older Query with MS SQL and schema update

I’m having the same issue. Using Node.js with MS SQL Server with Wappler 4.4.5. Refreshing schema does not help. I know the query in production works, and I can open the query in code and everything is there. I’ve got a lot of queries to update and should not have to rebuild them because of this bug.
Anyone else seeing this lately and if so, how did you fix it?

I had that issue way back when this thread was originally posted but it seems to have been fixed since. Just checked a half dozen queries on a couple different projects with latest (today’s version) Wappler and it all works correctly.

Hi @turn3636,

I had a similar issue when converting a project initially developed in .NET with MSSQL to NodeJS. I had to add dbo. prefix to the column names for these to appear correctly in the DB Query Builder. Check if column names are missing the prefix in Code View. May need to add prefix dbo. to the id and field columns as well if there are any conditions.

Examples below:

"type": "SELECT",
            "columns": [
                "table": "dbo.tbl_meta_tags",
                "column": "metaPage"
            "wheres": {
              "condition": "AND",
              "rules": [
                  "id": "dbo.tbl_meta_tags.metaURL",
                  "field": "dbo.tbl_meta_tags.metaURL",
                  "type": "string",
                  "operator": "equal",
                  "value": "{{$_SERVER.URL}}",
                  "data": {
                    "table": "dbo.tbl_meta_tags",
                    "column": "metaURL",
                    "type": "text"
                  "operation": "="
              "conditional": null,
              "valid": true
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Thanks guptast, I’ll check it and see what happens.

I did see it a while back too and thought it was fixed.

Could you send me the log file when it happens.

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@guptast that was it!. Adding dbo. to all my table names made everything show up in the query builder. Thanks for that tip. I thought the dbo. thing was behind us. That one change several versions ago has caused me more issues than anything with these updates.

Now I know how to fix it, but it is still a lot of queries for me to update. Any way to easily make this backwards compatible?