Number Input Max validation

Wappler Version : 2.4.5
Operating System : OS X Mojave

Expected behavior

  1. If i have a form input as a number, and i add a validation of Max to it with 9999 as my value, i would expect a that if i entered 1 it would be valid, all the way up to 9999
  2. If I add Number as a validation rule I should only be able to enter valid numbers.

Actual behavior

  1. When I enter 1, the invalid box appears and there is no number i can input that does not report as invalid
  2. With Number validation set I can still type the following charachters e,.

How to reproduce

  1. Add a form with a number input and set a validation rule of Max, 9999 inside it. Then test on browser.
  2. Add a form with a number input and set validation rule of Number, Then test in browser.

How to resolve

  1. In the code remove the Wappler added max="" only leaving the data-rule-max="9999"
    set max="9999" as well as the data-rule-max="9999"
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Still present in 2.5.1