Not Ready for the Big leagues....Yet

At this point I think can all agree that Wappler was not and is not ready for public use. Not sure if Wappler should even be charging for an application that opened with so so many issues and instability. This clearly should still be in Beta stages, while asking for input from hundreds/thousands of users. This has become for some many a frustrating and emotional and financial let down.

I love and respect entrepreneurs who push the idea of “The Next Big Thing”. Wappler is an expert at creating extensions that work with other applocations such as Dreamweaver. But I’m not so sure that Wappler’s team is ready or even equipped for the big leagues of Full Design and implementation of No Coding Required products. In theory it’s a great product. And with such a stellar track record who wouldlnt believe in the product (idea) and spend their money?

The Wappler team is great a what they do, which is what they have been doing.

Would love to see this idea come to be the powerful tool that it has been sold to be.


Hi Tonny,

Thank you for your feedback.

If you have issues on your own, please be more specific and just report them.

Don't think that Wappler is unstable just because of the many discussions and bug reports here in this community forum. This is the whole idea of community and users based development.

Do check our philosophy:

Also Wappler is free for everybody to use, we charge only for the advanced extensions

Hi Tommy, no I do not agree with your sentiment to be honest with you. Is Wappler perfect as yet, well no it isn't, however i fully think that Wappler and their team are ready and able to achieve what they have set out to do.

Personally I also feel that it fully depends on what you are expecting of the application, it will never be as simple as WordPress with a quick purchased theme, for a throw together website, however for me i am a pain by nature and only ever code my sites from a blank white page within a text editor, it is time consuming and sometimes silly of me to even do, but unless i do it, I can never be satisfied that everything is exactly as I want it to be. For me I am using Wappler to get all the basic stuff done 10 times quicker than normal, and with almost every alteration i make i check the code, 99% of the time it is coded exactly how i would have manually written it. Wappler is a great product for me, but maybe not for you, and maybe not for certain others and your/their expectations depending on what your/their normal workflow has been till now.

I backed the product for one reason alone, Dreamweaver looked as though they were never going to fully natively support simple creation of server side and client side code/scripting. When they began I was forced to use Interakt for that, then they took over Interakt and killed it, then i moved onto DMXZone to get the job done, and have always been happy with the products they produce, however at the same time I have always know that the Adobe products have been limiting their efforts, I felt and still feel that a single company such as Wappler / DMXZone giving a fully featured application supporting design / layout / server side / client side / and frameworks is the best way to go for our own future. This means I have a single point of success or failure that I can speak to when things go wrong.
Secondly the idea of a community forum like this where I can have a say as to what I want in an application is amazing, I never had a say in Adobe products, Interakt products, or any other application for that matter, I had to use what they supplied and work around what i did not like.

Anyway I just wanted to give you my thoughts on it so you are aware that i for one am not part of the "think all can agree" group you mention above, and have full faith that this product will be great once all the little bugs and irritations have been sorted out, however i am already using it daily, and so far most of what i want to do is achievable.


Hi Paul,

I am certainly not as familiar with Wappler as you are, but I agree that it has the potential to be a great product.

My slight concern is that it if continues to improve as it has during the last few weeks, it could become too good - and a company like Adobe will buy the product and - particularly if it’s Adobe - kill it. (Though one couldn’t blame George - if he became rich in the process.)

I slightly disagree with one of your points. I think Interakt listened to their customers and also offered great support. I don’t think there has been anything to match Interakt since - but they had an advantage that Dreamweaver worked better in those days. Anyway, hopefully Interakt will shortly be matched…


Thanks Tom, I wish I was even more familiar with it.

Unfortunately with Interakt I only really got in at the last year or so of the product and it really was a great product, being a late adopter though I probably just upset their support guys with silly questions. I was very new back then. So you are probably correct in saying their support was really good.

it was unusable really but that was the first week
now i have done a full CRUD bootstrap web application for testing. with no issues in less than a day with no coding.

in my book this is great for the price of wappler.


I’ve been using Dreamweaver since pre-release of version 1.0 in 1996 … it still has so many bugs 22 years later. And doesn’t even have as many features. …

Wappler is fine.


Yeah I hope, and basicaly I am sure, that George and the rest of the team won’t betray us and just kiil all of our support and dreams by just selling Wappler to Adobe. I am peronally pissed off with all those guys comparing custom development with DW vs WP. Wappler is our answer to this. Yes Wappler has issues, but for us who been working with DMX and DW, these are minor issues. Wappler is already a great product for he/she who knows how to work with DMX. Let me ask how many days have passed since you last opened DW. Especially for new projects based on BS4, DW is already useless.

Wappler is not just a software. Is combination of frameworks. Although the Wappler team insists that this software is for no coders, I find myself more and more each day coding stuff like ‘dmx-bind:value’ or anything else. Yes when you do that you are developing in AppConnect just like if you were doing with Angular, React etc. The only difference is you have two options, one is to write code by clicking on a button and the other by hand coding.

Wappler is so awesome that it can transfrom any beautiful static BS4 template into a cutting edge website | webapp.

Wappler is a revolution and is here not to just stay, but to change the idea of how developers should be working.


I agree with most of what you say. I wasn’t being completely serious about George etc. selling out to Adobe - it was more a comment about how good Wappler looks like it’s going to be (and how, sadly, there are examples of big companies destroying such good software, not always for very obvious reasons).

I too wouldn’t be happy unless I could choose either to edit the code directly, as well as using the visual tools. Wappler of course offers both options, but I hope it won’t be necessary to write code in a particular way in order for the visual tools still to work (my impression is that this is currently the way it is, at least to some extent).

I haven’t done much web development for a while so I’m encouraged by your enthusiasm and belief in Wappler. I hope to be doing more again now (hopefully with Wappler).

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Hi George,
I have tried to reach the account dept, but no success, in fact the telephone number is not connecting.
Issue is: I mistakenly click upgrade in my inquisition for update. I am a FREELANCE pro (Educational@ 199), but the single click took me for business pro. I have sent more than 4 emails to the help-desk without result. Please let me know if you can help reverse the payment.