Node view template data does not change on security redirect

Wappler Version : 3.7.6
Operating System : mac
Server Model: node
Database Type:
Hosting Type:

Expected behavior

When a user is redirected to the login or forbidden page of a security provider using node, the template data should be updated to the final page destination.

Actual behavior

The template data retains data from the page requested, rather than the ultimate destination.

How to reproduce

The video shows that when the user clicks on User Home, they are (properly) taken to the content of the login page because they were not logged in. However the browser tab ( the <title> tag, shows User Home, instead of Login. Same for the url – still shows user home, however the content seen in the body, is that of the login page. The video then shows the same thing, but for the profile page.

The content in the body (shown in the video as “Registration” also remains constant – I’ve asked for clarification in another topic, but perhaps it is related to this bug.

Do the links in the navigation have the internal attribute on then, so are they for loading partial content?


To do a layout refresh you have to reload the full page therefore internal must not be checked or only the content will change, not the layout

Understood, but this is a redirect being triggered by the security restrict (rather than a link), so I’d think there is a way to trigger a full page load.

I have updated some file that you may test.

Unzip the following file to lib/auth. (1.4 KB)

Replace the dmxRouting.js in your site with this one. (1.9 KB)

Let me know if it did change the behavior and redirects correctly to the login page.

Thanks Patrick…works as expected. All good. Very much appreciated.

This has been fixed in Wappler 3.8.0

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