New appconnect expression builder not compatible with our expression

We have this expression on a data view:

filter="((first_name+' '+last_name+' '+email+' '+group_name+' '+status)).lowercase().fuzzySearch(inpTableSearchAffiliates.value.lowercase())"

When trying to load in the expression builder, it shows empty.

However the expression works perfectly fine. Can we get this compatible so we can edit in the UI?

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I’ve experienced this recently also.

Can confirm the same.

  1. Wappler can’t recognize the code at all

  2. Wappler recognize code wrong

@George any ETA for this? Quite crucial for us.

@George @patrick @Teodor any reaction from Wappler team regarding filtering issue?
In short - it just won’t work!

  1. When code view is selected - it won’t save anything
  2. When you try to add some additions to filter - it just messes up everything

Guys, please, this is not quality of product that we are expecting from you.

Not sure if I should make a new topic or just add on to this one. I cannot get the expression builder to work with between. I tested on a new project and with static values and it seems really buggy. This is on v6.5.4 and using Node.

I suggest expression builder be put back in experimental features till it is fully baked.

This is not a great experience. Can't even use the code view for editing a simple expression now:

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This is a great idea...

Having issues too:

<p class="style54 stylep text-start" dmx-class:styleprojo="squeryusr.visible_paralelo==0">

Showing as: squeryusr.visible_paralelo.isEmpty()

And this on Wappler log:

[2024-05-14 19:36:06.205] Parse Expression: squeryusr.visible_paralelo.isEmpty()
[2024-05-14 19:36:06.453] Parse Expression: squeryusr.visible_paralelo.isEmpty()
[2024-05-14 19:36:31.478] Parse Expression: squeryusr.visible_paralelo.isEmpty()
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I agree a code would be a great feature request.

Man, I hope not. I use the expression builder every day. But again, I do agree it could use a code view for those that need it.

Hey @brad sorry

But what do you mean with this?
I think he's talking about the code tab from the popup that also gets blank when you select a condition/filter etc.

Something is really broken with this:


This is on the Wappler log don't know if it helps:

[2024-05-14 20:55:54.833] PICKUP init!
[2024-05-14 20:55:54.833] ACTIONS_BASE_PATH=null
[2024-05-14 20:55:54.833] EXPRESSION=$index%2==0
[2024-05-14 20:55:54.833] ENCLOSE=false
[2024-05-14 20:55:54.833] BASE_PATH=repeat1
[2024-05-14 20:55:54.833]  BASE_PATH=repeat1
[2024-05-14 20:55:54.843] org expression = $index%2==0
[2024-05-14 20:55:54.843] get from js
[2024-05-14 20:55:54.847] not selected try first ...
[2024-05-14 20:55:58.688] got popup hide for PopupWindow_1715730954557
[2024-05-14 20:55:58.687] run UNLOAD app connect pickup ....
[2024-05-14 20:55:58.991] got popup close for PopupWindow_1715730954557
[2024-05-14 20:55:59.054] got child state on closed

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My expressions are likely not nearly as complex as you guys have shown here, but if there was some sort of code view like in the data pickers, you guys could at least write your own expressions. Maybe I missed the point completely?


Is this on the code view:

The point is, both views (design/code) are empty on some cases.


Oh wow, I never noticed the code view on expressions as I never need it. So you are saying sometimes the code view is empty?

We have improved the parsing of zero values in the next update @Notum

However for data view filter expressions @karh , a field name is required, so combined fields won't work.

@George I'm kindly asking you to review all messages in this topic. It's not only about "passing of zero values" - filtering as such is just not usable and has several problems. Try to use it by yourself.

Could you provide me with a clear list of expressions that doesn't work?

Bug 1: Filter can't recognize and impossible to use what he has just create

Bug 2: Can't recognize and code section is broken

Can you give some examples with some real variables usage that doesn’t work?